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Connecting with early childhood educators worldwide to help create playful classrooms

There are a lot of resources available to you. From free downloads, to craft ideas, to paid bundles of printables, it might seem overwhelming. That’s why we created these curated Collections!

Our mission is to spark joy in early childhood educators and to help both teachers and students reach their highest potential.

At the core of The Kindergarten Connection is the concept of “Playful Learning.” Classrooms that incorporate playful learning foster environments that create engagement through choice and student independence while meeting or exceeding standards.

We are passionate about helping teachers achieve these types of playful classrooms where both they and their students thrive.

Teachers that use TKC resources are experiencing the positive impact of playful learning in their classrooms!

I’m the teacher who founded The Kindergarten Connection (TKC)!

As a playful learning enthusiast I help teachers find joy in the busy day to day of their early childhood classrooms.

Through The Kindergarten Connection, over 200,000 teachers collaborate together from all around the world! I’m constantly inspired by all of these amazing teachers and I love helping them gain confidence as educators through social media, courses, classroom resources, and our teacher membership.

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