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Free On-Demand Webinars

Build up your teacher toolbox for classroom management, help your students be successful with centers, and gain confidence teaching Preschool-Kindergarten with our FREE on-demand webinars!

Have you ever attended teacher trainings that were not really designed for early childhood, and weren’t all that helpful? You won’t find that here! Each webinar is packed with actionable strategies you can implement in your classroom right away.

You are welcome to watch all of the trainings (we encourage you to!) but we highly recommend signing up to view just one at a time, as each is only available for a limited time once you register. You can bookmark this page to watch the others as soon as you’re done with your first!

Signature Programs

Our Teacher Membership

Our exclusive membership, the Print and Play Club, is a one-stop-shop for all of your Pre-K and Kindergarten needs. Take your centers to the next level with playful, fun learning that is planned for you, and literally ready for you to Print and Play with your students. Plus, with three membership options, you get to choose which works best for you!

Join The PLAYlist and you’ll get 3 new songs each month with video and audio files, lyric downloads, and corresponding printable games/activities. Print Only is available year-round and is the perfect choice to get started with hundreds of math and literacy centers to choose from. Our All-Access membership includes more, such as Lesson Labs, Digital Games, and Teacher Resources. Doors open to All-Access once a year so jump on the waitlist and be the first to know when it’s available.

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P.L.A.Y. Course

The Playful Learning All Year (P.L.A.Y.) Course is a comprehensive program to help you bring playful learning into your classroom. In P.L.A.Y. you will:

Discover how to transform your space so that playful learning comes naturally

Learn how to make center time the best part of your day

Find the easiest way to maximize time with individuals and small groups

Understand the truth about free play and teachable moments

Hear the secret to less chaos and a more peaceful day

Receive a certificate of completion* for 15 hours

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The Classroom Reset

Say hello to The Classroom Reset! Your “Netflix” of strategies, tools, and tips to make your classroom the best early learning environment it can be.

Get help on demand, anytime with our growing library of videos and tools that answer your specific classroom management questions.

From challenging behaviors to setting routines, improving transitions, Circle Time, and so much more – we have videos and tools to help.

Pick a problem or area of focus, and we’ll guide you through how to “reset” it!

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Mini-Courses and Challenges


Ready to make Circle Time the best part of your day? Learn how to manage tricky behaviors and increase engagement with these tools and resources!

Save time, add flexibility to your day, and encourage independence with free-flowing centers – where students make choices, learn, and have fun!


Learn how to reset your classroom any time of year and say goodbye to classroom management struggles with our easy-to-implement tips!

Do you want to create a PLAYFUL and developmentally appropriate classroom? We’re here to help with our 2-hour LIVE training!

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Learn how to create a PLAYFUL classroom with our LIVE Path to Play Training.  You’ll leave feeling excited and ready to go for next school year so you can enjoy every minute of summer break!