Must-Try Classroom Clean Up Tip

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Has “clean-up” time in your classroom become a struggle? Center Time or Free Play may be fan favorites of your students but in the end, the supplies everywhere can leave everyone feeling overwhelmed. This Must-Try Classroom Clean Up Tip is sure to minimize the mess while still encouraging tons of learning fun!

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This Must-Try Classroom Clean Up Tip is sure to have you stressing less about the mess while still encouraging tons of learning fun!

Must-Try Classroom Clean Up Tip

Often, a classroom mess can be a positive sign that hands-on learning fun is happening and kiddos are truly engaged. But clean up time? It can be a love/hate relationship. A mess that may be beneficial in the moment can sometimes take forever to clean up. But I have a simple solution!

Before we dive into our super easy and effective fix, let’s identify the problem. Many times the cause of this mess is one thing – TOO MANY materials.

Providing too many toys, blocks, or other manipulatives can lead to overwhelming messes.

For example, if a center requires building blocks, we do NOT need to put out a giant tub. Instead, use this tried and true rule of thumb… Put out just enough, and a few extra!

This doesn’t mean students never get more materials out – but they don’t need MORE until they can clean up a LITTLE!

Children only need a few blocks to build amazing things without the giant mess.

Try this tip as your first step for making clean up faster and for GIANT messes (that are sometimes unavoidable), be sure to check out my favorite way to make classroom clean up “fast and fun!”

I hope this tip helps you to build a classroom clean up routine that allows you to stress less and spend more time enjoying the positive learning moments with your students!

Organizing manipulatives and other supplies can be made easy by keeping them in storage tubs.

Do you have a favorite clean up tip or routine for your classroom? I’d love to know!


Songs are powerful AND effective! They can be especially useful tools for learning about character traits like being responsible (including cleaning up after ourselves!). That’s why we want to share with you one of our favorite songs for teaching responsibility.

This simple and engaging song is sung to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Sharing songs like this with your students when you don’t need them will help your students remember important lessons when you DO need them!

Check out the video to hear our responsibility song in action. You will definitely want to try it with your kiddos!

I have responsibility.

I do things to the best of my ability.

I clean up my mess.

Take care of my things.

I am responsible.

You can count on me!

I have responsibility.

I do things to the best of my ability.

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Must-Try Classroom Clean Up Tip

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