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Simple Rocket Space Craft for Kids


This Simple Rocket Space Craft for Kids will keep students entertained and engaged with plenty of creative play! Students can work on developing fine motor skills and following directions to create their own unique space rockets. It would be a fun addition to a space, moon, or star-themed unit for Kindergartners!

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Your kids are going to have a blast making this Simple Rocket Space Craft! It's a super fun, hands-on addition to a Kindergarten space unit!

Simple Rocket Space Craft for Kids

This simple craft project is a clever way to use up those leftover plastic eggs from Easter time. It uses recyclables and other readily available materials you may have on hand in your home or classroom. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Gather Your Materials

To make a simple space rocket craft of your own, you will need:

This space craft for kids is a great way to use up common supplies like old cardboard tubes, paint, and clothespins.

Step 2 – Decorate Your Rocket

Invite students to use paint or markers to decorate their rockets however they would like. Star foil stickers are another fun option for this project!

Teacher Tip: For a classroom project, you may want to have the students paint the cardboard tubes one day, then finish decorating with markers and building their space rockets another day. This would allow the paint to dry completely. If you are short on time, another option would be to skip the painting altogether and decorate with markers and/or stickers only.

Invite students to use paint or markers to decorate their cardboard tube rockets however they would like.

Step 3 – Build Your Space Rocket

Once the decorating is complete, it is time to build your rocket! To begin, invite students to insert a plastic egg into the cardboard tube to form the top of the rocket.

As an optional step, students can use tape to add strips of tissue paper to the inside of the bottom of the tube for flames. (If desired, add a battery-powered tea light to the bottom for a fun space rocket night light option.)

Next, add three wooden clothespins to form the rocket boosters. Clothespin activities are some of my student’s favorites and I love that they are great practice for fine motor skills!

Students can use tape to add strips of tissue paper to the inside of the bottom of the tube for flames before adding the clothespins.

Step 4 – Time to Play!

This space craft provided tons of fun and entertainment for my students after we finished our space unit. They loved storing small figurines or erasers in the eggs so their toys could take a trip into outer space.

Hooray for craft projects that inspire lots of imaginative play time fun!

This space craft for kids will inspire tons of fun like sending toy figurines into outer space.

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2 Responses

  1. The top of the egg is more rocket looking but does not fit inside the cardboard roll. How did you get it in and secure? Where do you put the tea light. It’s not really clear.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      We use small plastic eggs and secure the pointy top of the egg in the cardboard tube with glue. If the egg ‘almost’ fits for you, you could try cutting slits in the top of the cardboard tube so it slightly stretches and you can glue the egg in. For the tea light, sometimes we will poke holes in our rocket and glue the tea light into the bottom. When we turn the tea light on the light shines through the holes. This is optional. Other times we like to use the tissue paper strips to create flames instead of using the tea light. Hope this helps. Have a great day! 🙂

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