Astronaut Ten Frame Matching Game

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Outer space is often a topic of fascination and wonder for kids and adults alike! My students love learning about space, which also includes imagining they are astronauts on rocket ships. They enjoy reading our favorite space books, and I enjoy adding in some space-themed fun into our learning activities with this free Astronaut Ten Frame Matching Game!

*Pair with our Counting Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Explore numbers and ten frames with this fun and free Astronaut Ten Frame Matching Game! Perfect for Pre-K & Kindergarten math centers!

Astronaut Ten Frame Matching Game

This ten frame matching game is super simple to prepare and perfect for small groups or as an independent math workshop activity!

To prep the game I simply printed the ten frame cards and number cards (download below), laminated the pages, and then cut them out on the lines. You will have “rockets” with ten frames from 0-10 and “astronauts” with numbers from 0-10.

This matching game includes "rockets" with ten frames from 0-10 and "astronauts" with numbers from 0-10.

How to Play

I like to introduce games in small groups, and for this ten frame matching game I had the kids help me set it up. First, we put the astronauts in number order from 0-10 on the table. This is great practice for number identification and number order. 

Then, we placed the rocket cards in the middle and took turns grabbing one and identifying how many dots were in the ten frame. Some kids may still count each dot one at a time, and that is okay! It is great for one-to-one correspondence.

Eventually, with enough practice with ten frames, the kids will start to subitize the amount (recognize it instantly without counting each dot).

Students can take turns matching the astronaut number card with the ten frame rocket card.

We matched up astronauts and rocket ships until we had none left.  Then I placed the ten frame matching game pieces in zip top bags to store for another group, or to add to our math centers for later.

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