Space Books for Kids

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Space can be a great source of wonder and fascination for many kids (and adults too!). This collection of awesome space books for kids will get your little inquirers thinking, asking questions, and learning about space! Remember also that just because a text level is higher – that doesn’t mean your child still can’t enjoy the book! Some of these books are great to read together, but I also highly recommend just letting your child explore pictures and generate questions from there!

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Have kids that are fascinated by space? Inquire and learn with these engaging and fun space books for kids!

8 Awesome Space Books for Kids

National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space

This Little Kids First Big Book of Space goes through the basics of space and the universe.

I absolutely love National Geographic’s Little Kids Big Books series – they never disappoint! This book goes through the basics of space and the universe in a way that is highly engaging to kids with its amazing images. I like how it gives a great introduction to nonfiction text as well, such as labels, table of contents, and various text features.


Mousetronaut isn't 100% factual, but it is highly engaging nonetheless, while still incorporating some space facts.

Obviously by the title you can tell this isn’t 100% factual. But it is highly engaging nonetheless, while still incorporating some facts! Mice did in fact go on a space shuttle in 2001, and this is the tale of what “could have been” with those mice in a super fun, child friendly way.


Space has incredibly beautiful and engaging pictures.

I have a lot of the Smart Kids book series in my classroom. Their pictures are so engaging for my kids. Teaching the age I do means that most of my kids don’t read yet, but with these books that doesn’t matter! So much can be learned and inquired about just by reading the pictures.


Planets includes engaging pictures and interesting facts.

This reader is part of the National Geographic Kids series, which is always a great addition to your nonfiction library! The table of contents lets kids know exactly what they will learn and explore, and the engaging pictures and interesting facts really get your kids thinking and wondering!

Fly Guy Presents Space

This Fly Guy book introduces kids to a space museum and lots of interesting facts.

I have a lot of Fly Guy fans. I think just the buzzing, silly character is so entertaining to kids they can’t help but want to read them! Now they have Fly Guy nonfiction readers. In this book, Fly Guy visits a space museum, and you can be sure that he will learn all there is to know about space!

Roaring Rockets

Roaring rockets takes fiction characters through an informative journey to space!

Rockets are fascinating to kids, that’s for sure! This book takes fictional characters through an informative journey into space! I love the illustrations and labels that are included for my young readers.

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

This Magic School Bus book introduces kids to the fascinating solar system.

The Magic School Bus series is definitely at a higher reading level, however my kids still enjoy them very much! They love the pictures and enjoy them as a read aloud, especially if we get to watch the related episode afterward! In this book, the trip to the museum seems to have been canceled when the museum is closed. However, if you know Ms. Frizzle, you know she won’t let that happen! (You can also get the complete series on dvd and have it as a companion to your books.)

There’s No Place Like Space!

No Place Like Space takes you on a reading and rhyming adventure through space!

Your favorite characters (think Cat in the Hat, Sally, Thing One, and more!) are back to take you on a reading and rhyming adventure through space! Most of these books are ones I always want to add to my collection, simply because they are so fun!

What are your favorite space books for kids? I would love to add more to my collection!

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Space Books for Kids

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