Pre-K and Kindergarten Chants for Circle Time

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Circle time is a great place for introducing and practicing important math and literacy skills. Your students are going to love practicing these skills with these fun and interactive Pre-K and Kindergarten Chants for Circle Time!

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Practice important math and literacy skills with these fun and interactive Pre-K & Kindergarten Chants for Circle Time!

Pre-K and Kindergarten Chants

Chants are one of my favorite teaching tools in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Early learners don’t always have the attention span to simply watch you stand at the front of the classroom and teach a skill. They need to interact with you! So chants are a great option for learning.

Students can further explore these fun chants during center time like this Cookie Crunch Shape Trace Game.

How to Use the Chants

There are lots of different ways to use chants in the classroom. You can use them during circle time with your entire class. You can also use them in your small groups to review a skill. Or you can let your kiddos further explore these chants and games during center time.

Chants are also super versatile for any style of teaching and learning. Nothing gets students engaged quite like a good chant!

Plus, they are so easy to implement. These chants don’t require a pocket chart and are easily portable! I keep mine in a handy binder that I can take with me to small groups or have readily available in circle time!

Keep the chants in a handy binder to take to small groups or have readily available for circle time.

Don’t worry, if you love your pocket chart I have a specific Bundle of Pocket Chart Chants with a different set of chants just for you!

Endless Bundle of Circle Time Chants

This Endless Bundle of Circle Time Pre-K & Kindergarten Chants is focused on important math and literacy skills!

This bundle includes chants like this Magic Letters chant that practices letter recognition.

Some of the skills covered in this endless bundle are:

  • Letters
  • Sounds
  • Rhymes
  • CVC words
  • Sight words
  • Syllables
  • Numbers/counting
  • Ten/twenty frames
  • Shapes
  • Patterns
  • More or less
  • Subitizing
  • Base ten
These Circle Time Pre-K & Kindergarten Chants are focused on important math and literacy skills.

So many teachers in our community LOVE when we have chants for our Sunday Surprises or when chants are included in our resources, so we have combined our chants into an ultimate circle time bundle for you! This includes many of our past chants (see the preview for the full list) and will include future chants too. Please note you may have some of these chants, so just check the list to be sure this bundle is a great fit for you. We are excited to help you rock circle time!

Grab Your Endless Bundle Today!

The best part about an endless bundle is that by getting your bundle of Circle Time Chants today, you get every other chant I make in the future for no additional cost!

So grab your endless bundle today by clicking the big, yellow button at the bottom of this post!

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  1. I am in the Circle Time Group waiting foe Print & Play. Alex mentioned some counting songs that were part of the freebie for todays video. Where do I access them? The 10 counting songs are not in the list of no tech brain breaks!

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