Songs that Teach Counting to 100

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Songs are one of my favorite tools for teaching counting. They are easy to remember and super catchy! Singing makes learning to count extra fun. Kindergarten is a big year when children get to learn to count to 100 – both by ones and by tens. Your students are sure to love these Songs that Teach Counting to 100!

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Need a creative way to teach counting? These songs that teach counting to 100 are perfect for your Kindergarten lesson plans!

Songs that Teach Counting to 100

Learning to count takes lots of practice and sometimes it’s hard to get it to stick. Songs are a creative way to teach counting to 100 and YouTube can be a teacher’s best friend. Your students will have so much fun watching and singing that they won’t even feel like they’re practicing important math skills. These songs also work as a great 100th Day of School idea, too!

Check out some of our favorite songs for learning to count to 100:


The 100 Dance is a fun and catchy tune that will help you and your students count to 100 in no time!

Superhero Sing Along Songs

Spiderman is going to help count to 100 with these great exercises at the same time!

Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean helps us count with this fun song. Use the Macarena to count to 100!

Now, grab your “weights” and practice counting while pumping it up!

Jack Hartmann

This workout song is always a crowd pleaser while getting kids excited to count!

Practice counting to 100 with Zero the Hero in this math song!

Harry Kindergarten Music

Skip count to 100 by 10’s with this song by Harry Kindergarten. Make sure to grab your hiking gear and to keep an eye out for the animals!

Now, count to 100 super hero style!

The Singing Walrus

Help children gain confidence with this count to 100 song.

Count by 10’s with this fun song.

Nursery Tracks

This calming song is a great way to practice counting to 100.

Kids TV

This one has a catchy tune, and kids love singing it!

Dream English Kids

This count to 100 song has simple movements and makes counting to 100 super enjoyable and fun!

I hope these songs are the perfect teaching tools for learning to count to 100! Happy singing and counting!

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