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CVC Rhyming Words Board Game


CVC words are some of the first words kindergarters learn to read after mastering the alphabet so I am always looking for fun, CVC activities. This CVC Rhyming Words Board Game is the perfect way to help them feel comfortable reading these simple words while building on a skill that they have already probably been introduced to, rhyming.

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This free CVC Rhyming Words Board Game is hands-on and will get your kindergarteners excited to read!

CVC Rhyming Words Board Game

CVC words are the building blocks that kids will build upon as they learn to decode words, build fluency, and eventually become independent readers.

The transition from single alphabet sounds to sounding out a word can be daunting for some kids. With fun rhyming word games for practice, they can start feeling comfortable and confident!

How to Prep

Prep for this game is simple! Just print and laminate the game board page and playing card pages. I recommend printing both the board and playing cards on cardstock for extra durability. Laminating them allows for reuse!

You could also print on scrapbook paper. Printing on scrapbook paper gives the cards a fun back design. It also makes it so that the kids can’t see through the cards.

Before allowing the children to play on their own, go through the playing cards with them to make sure that all the kids understand what the pictures are showing. Words like yam or ram may be unfamiliar to kindergarten students.

Just print and laminate the game board page and CVC rhyming word playing card pages.

How to Play the CVC Rhyming Words Board Game

Begin by having each player place their marker or game piece on the “Start” of the board game. Any small toy or manipulative will work as game pieces.

Place all the cards upside-down on the “Card Draw Pile”.

Choose a player to go first.

The first player will draw a card from the pile and read the word or say the name of the picture on the card. Then the player will move their game piece to the first space that has a picture that rhymes with their card.

If a player lands on a space with an arrow, they will follow the arrow to the new space.

If a “star” card is drawn the player will head to the closest star space, even if it is behind them.

Then the next player draws a card and follows the same directions.

To win by landing on the last word “pad”, the player must draw a card that rhymes with “pad”.

Draw a CVC word card from the pile and move your game piece to the first picture that rhymes with your word card.

Grab Your Free Copy

Ready to start working on those rhyming skills? Download the CVC Rhyming Words Board Game by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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  1. I am really excited to use this board and beautiful rhyming cards in the classroom. I have very smart preschooler that instead of challenging them They are challenging me to look for new activities that promote phonemic awareness.
    Thank you

  2. Alex, thank you so much for sharing this and all the other great ideas/activities, too!! My kiddos are really struggling with rhyming this year..these are going to be so helpful and fun!! Thank you!! 🙂

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