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Rainbow CVC Word Puzzles


Spring has sprung and we are not sad about it at all. We love spring and look forward to spending lots of time outside in between the rain showers. My daughter is looking forward to the rain so she can look for rainbows. She absolutely loves rainbows so I try to incorporate them into as many of our learning activities as I can, so these Rainbow CVC Word Puzzles are perfect!

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These FREE Printable Rainbow CVC Word Puzzles are so much fun! They're great for your kindergarten literacy center!

Rainbow CVC Word Puzzles

Like our Unicorn Sight Word Matching Game, we will be using these as part of our morning basket activities this spring. My daughter is learning to read so incorporating fun, hands-on activities has helped her become confident in reading CVC words.

This free printable activity includes 20 CVC word puzzles. There are 4 puzzles for each of the medial vowel sounds.

This free printable activity includes 20 CVC word puzzles.

How to Prep

These puzzles are perfect for a literacy center in the home or classroom and are very easy to prep!

To begin, simply print, laminate, and cut out around the whole puzzle.

Next, cut them along the dotted line in the center so that you have two puzzle pieces. That’s it – time to play!

These puzzles are perfect for a literacy center in the home or classroom and are very easy to prep!

How to Play

I like to place all of the CVC word puzzle pieces in a small basket or a drawstring bag and have children choose a piece. This gives the kids an added level of excitement and mystery of what puzzle piece they will grab next.

I lay out the picture puzzle pieces on the table or floor so all pictures are clearly visible.

After the kiddos pick a CVC word card, they say the word and then find the corresponding picture card. Put the puzzle pieces together to make the perfect match!

Continue matching the CVC words and pictures together until they have all been matched.

Once all of the puzzles are matched, I like to have my kids write the CVC words on a piece of paper or small white board to get some additional practice spelling CVC words.

Students match the CVC word with the matching picture.

You can set out all 20 puzzles at one time or as an option for differentiation, you can split them up into smaller groups. For instance, if you have been talking about short “a” words, you can set out only the short “a” puzzle cards. Or you might choose to give half of the puzzles instead of all 20.

Grab Your FREE Copy

If you’re ready to start practicing CVC words then get your free copy of the Rainbow CVC Word Puzzles by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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