CVC Phonics Writing Activities


Looking for engaging writing activities for your classroom? This pack is for you!

Designed with Kindergarten in mind, these CVC phonics writing activities are perfect to get kids moving and writing!

These CVC phonics writing activities are perfect for students who are learning their CVC words!

What’s included?

  • 40 Word Cards (8 words for each short vowel) – Cut and laminate these cards. You can place the cards at a center, where the kids can copy the words onto the sheet. You can also hang the cards around the room for a ‘write the room’ option for kids to go and find/copy them down.
  • 5 Write It! Recording Sheets – Each recording sheet comes with a front page with five pictures to write the words next to and has three words on the back. There are two options for the back page: choose between students tracing a pre-written sentence OR writing their own sentence.

More details about this product:

  • A variety of beginning and ending sounds are used with the medial short vowel so students can practice many different sounds.
  • All activities come in BOTH color and black and white!
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