Watercolor Butterfly Painting Activity

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Watercolor painting is so fun for kids… adults too! It’s a low-mess and hands-on way to get creative. That makes it perfect if you’re needing a simple art project for your early childhood students. This easy Watercolor Butterfly Painting Activity is a great way to wrap up a butterfly-themed unit or use it as a stand-alone art project to decorate your classroom!

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This Watercolor Butterfly Painting Activity is a fun way to wrap up a butterfly life cycle lesson or use it as a stand-alone art project!

Watercolor Butterfly Painting Activity

We love to learn about butterflies in Pre-K and Kindergarten! Whether we are raising our own caterpillars so we can watch them transform or doing butterfly crafts, it’s always a popular theme.

Combine a butterfly theme with watercolors and it’s sure to have your students “fluttering” with excitement!

How to Prep

This butterfly painting activity requires almost no prep and very little clean up!

Let’s get started with some simple supplies:

To prep, simply print out as many copies of the butterfly template as needed (download below). Grab some watercolors and a small cup or bowl of water and that’s it!

To get started, grab some watercolors, a bowl of water, and print the butterfly template.

Before painting, I like to take some time to share real pictures of butterflies. This is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of symmetry. The kids love to see the different spots and patterns as we point out that the wings on a butterfly truly are exactly the same on both sides.

Time to Paint!

When we are ready to paint, students have the option to do their best painting butterflies with symmetrical wings OR they can paint the wings any way they choose. There is no right or wrong way to make these beautiful butterflies!

Doing this butterfly painting activity on cardstock will help to ensure the paper doesn't rip.

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When we watercolor we almost always paint on cardstock. It holds up to the water much better than regular paper. Regular paper often rips as we paint and crinkles up as it dries. Trust me on this one… cardstock is the way to go!

Another helpful tip is to remind students that a little water goes a long way. The less they use, the brighter their butterfly paintings will be!

You can have your students paint the butterfly wings symmetrically the way they are in nature.

A collection of these watercolor butterflies look amazing on a bulletin board or hanging from the ceiling. Your students will love seeing their unique and colorful masterpieces on display!

BONUS Butterfly Song!

Songs are powerful AND super fun too! That’s why we want to share with you one of our favorite songs about a butterfly!

This is a simple song that will make learning about butterflies extra fun. It’s sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot” and is perfect for singing with your kiddos at Circle Time!

Check out the video to hear our butterfly song in action. You will definitely want to sing it with your students this spring!

I’m a little caterpillar

crawling along.

Eating leaves to grow

big and strong.

When I make my chrysalis

you will see.

I’m a butterfly beautiful as can be,

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Watercolor Butterfly Painting Activity

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