Butterfly Number Word Puzzles

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The weather is warm and bugs are starting to come out to play! My kids get super excited when they see a butterfly (bees, not so much), and, while I can’t let live butterflies loose in our room, I can try to bring some bug-themed learning fun into our lessons. These free Butterfly Number Word Puzzles are a hands-on way to practice reading number words to 12, which is a skill we are working hard on this season!

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Work on number identification and reading number words with these fun and free Butterfly Number Word Puzzles for Kindergarten!

Butterfly Number Word Puzzles

These number word puzzles are a few different colors and patterns which the kids love! It also helps them use sorting skills to see which puzzles fit together.

However, there are some duplicates, so they still have to carefully read each number. This gives them the confidence to try, while still providing some challenge!

Print, laminate, and cut the butterflies in half for hands-on number puzzles!

How to Prep

This activity is easy to prep! Simply print out the pages of butterflies (download below) and laminate them for repeated use and durability. This really does help them last a lot longer!

Then, after cutting out the butterflies, cut them apart on the gray line so that each butterfly is cut in half. Now you’re ready to play!

I use these puzzles as a math center or small group activity. You can put all the pieces in an envelope or basket for storage, then simply set them out when they are being used.

Put all the pieces in a basket for storage, then simply set them out when they are being used.

How to Play

To play, first, we picked up half of a butterfly and tried to either identify the number or the number word. Then, we searched for its matching half.

It may be difficult for beginning learners to read the number word first. In this case, you may want to separate numbers from words and pick a number first each time. Kids will likely identify the numbers much more easily and be able to then seek the written match.

Teacher Tip: Make this game self-correcting by printing on cardstock (so that the cards aren’t see-through) and writing a small numeral on the back of the number word side. Kids can complete the puzzles and check their answers!

Kids match the number with the correct number word to make a complete butterfly.

However you play, it is sure to be fun if your kids love matching games as much as mine do!

Grab Your FREE Set

Ready to start matching up numbers and words? Grab your free set of the Butterfly Number Word Puzzles by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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