Walkie Talkie Sight Word Activity

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Motivate your little learners to practice Kindergarten sight words with this super fun and interactive secret agent game using walkie talkies! With Summer approaching I’m on a hunt for more hands-on activities to keep my kids engaged. Toss out the flashcards and give your students a fun learning experience with this Walkie Talkie Sight Word Activity!

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Swap out the flashcards for this free Walkie Talkie Sight Word Activity for Kindergarten! It's interactive and so fun!

Walkie Talkie Sight Word Activity

Walkie talkies, it turns out, have been one of the best toys I’ve ever bought. I picked up a set of them several years ago and today all three of my kids still like to play with them. Ours are simple enough even for Kindergartners to use because you can lock them onto one channel.

However, if you don’t have any real walkie talkies, you can still set up this activity. Have kids sit on opposite sides of a divider or privacy board and talk into a pretend radio instead.

Just print out the Silly Spy Sight Word Activity grid pages and recording sheets and grab the walkie talkies!

Prep and Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Silly Spy Sentences grid pages and code sheets (download below) – laminating will allow for repeated use.
  • Copies of the recording sheets (download below)
  • Dry erase marker
  • Walkie talkies – one per player, all tuned to the same channel.
Laminating the Silly Spy grid pages to use with a dry erase marker allows for repeated use!

Before you start, you’ll want to make sure each child knows how to use the walkie talkie and understands that you have to take turns in order to hear each other.

One player sends the "silly spy" message using the walkie talkies and another player receives and decodes it.

How to Use the Sight Word Activity

You’ll need at least two players for this activity – one to send the “spy” message and one or more to receive and decode it.

  1. Decide who will be the speaker and who will be the listener or receiver for the first round.
  2. The speaker chooses one of the pre-written sentences and places it on his or her clipboard.
  3. Next, the speaker uses the Code Sheet to call out each letter of the sentence in code.
    For example, for the word “how” he would say “helicopter” – “olive” – “wagon”.
  4. Then, the receiver should listen to the coded message on the walkie talkie and write down the initial letter of each word in the boxes on the grid page.
  5. For spaces in between words the speaker can just say “blank space”. For punctuation the speaker can call out the name without encoding it.
  6. Once the speaker has called out the whole sentence and the receiver has written it down, they can compare with each other.
  7. Each child can copy the sentence down on their recording sheet.
  8. Finally, the two children can switch roles and repeat the process.
The receiving player listens to the coded message on the walkie talkie and writes down the initial letter of each word in the boxes on the grid page.

It’s so much easier to get kids to practice their sight words when you make a game out of it. I hope your students enjoy pretending to be secret agents with this free printable activity!

Once the speaker has called out the sentence, and the receiver has written it down, they can compare the sight word answer.

Grab Your Free Copy

Are you ready to have your students practicing sight words in a fun way!? Grab this Walkie Talkie Sight Word Activity by clicking on the large, yellow download button below!

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