Snow Cones Rhyming Words Activity

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Summer is just around the corner and the heat is starting to ramp up! One of our favorite ways to cool down is hitting the snow cone stand. So I’ve put together a sweet rhyming treat using these goodies for inspiration. This free Snow Cones Rhyming Words Activity is a fun and exciting way to keep your early learners engaged and excited to practice their rhyming skills!

*Pair with our Summer Centers & Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Snow Cones Rhyming Words Activity

Rhyming is an important skill that can take lots of practice to master. Whether you’re finishing out the school year, gearing up for summer school, or looking for ways to practice with your kiddos at home during the break, this sweet activity is sure to be tons of fun. And my favorite part is how versatile it is!

Check out some of the ways I like to use this activity in the classroom!

  1. Small Groups – One of my favorite ways to use a new activity for the first time is to use it in my small groups. This gives me a chance to introduce the activity and set expectations before placing it in our literacy centers.
  2. Tutorials – Using fun activities in tutorials helps keep kiddos’ spirits up. Every year I have a couple of students who aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of staying after school for tutorials. So, “playing games” like this makes the intervention much more enjoyable!
  3. Centers – This rhyming activity set is perfect for students to work on in literacy centers, independently, or in pairs.

How to Play

  1. Print the rhyming cards and the Summer Rhyming recording sheet. For a full size activity, print the cards as their original size. If you want to print smaller pieces for a sensory bin, print 2-per-page.
  2. Laminate the rhyming card pieces for durability. You could also laminate the recording sheet to make it a reusable activity in your literacy centers. Just include dry erase markers for writing.
  3. Students match the pictures on the snow cone tops with rhyming words on the snow cone bottoms. Then, record the matches they made on their Summer Rhyming recording sheet.

Mix up practice time! These rhyming card pieces can also be used to play rhyming “Memory,” “Read the Room,” or use them in a sensory bin!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to start working on rhyming words? You can grab this free, printable Snow Cones Rhyming Activity by clicking on the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable


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