Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching Hole Punch Activity

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What is it about school supplies that is so exciting? I loved when school supply shopping time came around and as an adult, shopping to stock my work desk makes me giddy. My daughter has learned (or maybe she was born with it) to love office and school supplies, too. Even as a toddler she loved using markers instead of crayons or tried to use adult scissors instead of kid scissors. So I knew that when I set up this free Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching Hole Punch Activity, we would have fun!

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Sharpen letter recognition skills with this free Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Hole Punch Activity for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching Hole Punch Activity

I created this activity because my daughter has a few letters, both uppercase and lowercase, that she gets stuck on. Practice makes perfect and adding a hole punch in the mix makes practicing letter recognition super fun!

Each printable page in this activity has four letter matching strips on it. There is one strip for each letter included. I’ve also included both color and black and white versions for an ink-saving option!

To get started, first gather the supplies:

Students simply use a single hole punch to identify the matching letters on each strip.

Ways to Use the Letter Recognition Printables

For Single Use: For single use I like to use the black and white printable version of this letter matching activity. Print it out and cut along the outer dotted lines to make the strips ready for the kids to hole punch.

The letter bank has two lines to allow for more of a variety of letters.

Kids find the lowercase letters in the letter bank, that match the uppercase letter. Once they have found the matches they can hole punch them. When that strip is complete, they can move on to the next. Using stickers to cover the matching letters is also a great option for strengthening fine motor muscles.

Using stickers to cover the matching letters is also a great option for strengthening fine motor muscles.

For Center/Reusable Use: This activity also includes a fun color version that is great for a reusable activity or for your literacy centers. Print the pages, laminate, and then cut them into strips. The kids can use manipulatives such as erasers or counters to cover the matching letters.

Sometimes we like to use dry erase markers to mark the matching letters on the laminated strips. This is always a hit!

Laminate these letter matching strips and students can use dry erase markers to circle the correct matches.

At home this turned out to be a great letter matching activity that I could give my daughter while making dinner or folding laundry. When she needed assistance on letters that she wasn’t quite confident with, she could ask but I did not need to be 100% involved. It’s wonderful to see how well she reacted to this activity and how one simple office supply motivated her to practice her letters!

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