Superhero Letter Sort

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These little superheroes can leap tall buildings in a single bound! They can carry uppercase letters to the top of the tallest skyscraper. Then, they can soar to the top of the lower building with the lowercase letters. Grab this free Superhero Letter Sort for your Pre-K or Kindergarten literacy centers and work on letter recognition in a “super” fun way!

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Grab this free Superhero Letter Sort for your Pre-K or Kindergarten literacy centers and work on letter recognition in a "super" fun way!

Superhero Letter Sort

As students learn to match each lowercase letter with its uppercase partner, they also need to know which of the pair is uppercase and which is lowercase. After all, that’s kind of the point of our dual-letter system!

Distinguishing uppercase from lowercase letters will help with reading as well as writing. If kids zoom past the period at the end of a sentence, the capital letter beginning the next sentence should be like a flashing light reminding them to stop a moment.

With a little help from these friendly superheroes, your students can soon be ready to begin sentences and names with capital letters!

Students will sort the uppercase letters to the top of the tall tower and the lowercase letters to the top of the short tower.

How to Prep

This activity does need a bit of preparation, so I suggest cueing up your favorite superhero movie to make easy work of it! I also highly recommend printing the buildings on cardstock. This will ensure that they are sturdy enough to stand up tall while your kids play.

Start by cutting out and assembling each building. You’ll be folding all the solid lines, and cutting the dotted lines. Then glue or tape them closed with the open ends on the bottom. There are only 2 printed sides of the buildings in order to save your printer ink!

Teacher Tip: If you’d like more durable buildings, you can glue the printout to boxes or stacks of blocks.

Next, cut out each letter card and laminate them for extra durability if desired. Print the recording sheets and you’re ready to play!

After sorting, students can write the letters on the corresponding recording sheet.

How to Play

To play, lay out the desired letters and set out the two buildings. The students can start off by simply matching uppercase and lowercase pairs. Then they can help the superheroes “fly” the letters to the top of the correct building.

Once the children are done sorting, they can write down the letters on the included recording sheets. If you are looking to make this activity reusable, slip the recording sheets into a dry erase pocket sleeve and give your students dry erase markers to write with.

Make the activity reusable by placing the recording sheet in a dry erase pocket sleeve.

Before you know it, you’ll have “super” readers and writers – maybe not able to leap tall buildings, but surely able to reach new reading heights!

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Superhero Letter Sort


  1. The tall and short buildings idea clicked for our grandson!! Superheroes are a favorite, so this is still in use! Thanks

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