Superhero Alphabet Play Dough Mats

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Pretend play is one of my daughter’s favorite activities! Putting on princess crowns, a sheriff’s badge, and of course a flowing superhero cape. There is something about putting on that cape that can make anyone feel powerful. If being a superhero is that exciting as a pretend play activity, I just knew it was the perfect theme for a hands-on, literacy activity! My daughter loves these Superhero Alphabet Play Dough Mats and they are so fun for any time of the year!

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Practice letter formation with these free Superhero Play Dough Mats! These are perfect for Kindergarten literacy centers.

Superhero Alphabet Play Dough Mats

I love these play dough mats not only for their educational benefits but the fun that is tied to them too. Our love for the idea of superheroes runs strong in our house. Thankfully my daughter knows the difference between superheroes jumping off buildings, taking off in flight and her jumping off the couch!

Each page of this alphabet play dough mat set shows superheroes, capes, and multi-colored striped stars. The colors are so bright and fun! Any color of play dough will work well with this set.

This activity includes a full page for each letter of the alphabet. Also, both upper and lowercase letters are included for each.

This play dough mat set includes a page for each letter of the alphabet with both uppercase and lowercase forms.

How to Prep

If you haven’t used printable play dough mats before you and your students are in for a treat. They will enjoy using them and you will be ecstatic over the fact that they are so easy to prep!

Grab the play dough and simply print out and laminate each letter mat page. I have laminated them each as a single page but you could also print and laminate them back to back. This is a great paper saver!

Which way you choose depends on how many kids will be using the play dough mats and how often each letter will get used at one time. I like to laminate them because it makes it possible to wipe off the play dough without ruining the pages. Once they are laminated they will last you forever!

Simply print out and laminate each letter page for reuse and durability with the play dough.

Ways to Use the Superhero Play Dough Mats

My favorite part of this activity is how versatile it can be. Students can use their play dough to fill the letters in many different ways:

  • Create balls of play dough to make a dotted line inside the bubble letter.
  • Form snakes with the play dough to ‘write’ the letter.
  • Fill the letter in completely and use play dough tools to cut to the correct letter shape and size.

Once laminated, these play dough mats can also be used with dry-erase markers to write the letter on the page.

Play dough alone is a super fun activity that most kids enjoy – even more with superheroes involved! This set is a perfect activity for a simple literacy center in any classroom.

Students can use the play dough to form the letters on the mats in many different ways.

This activity is full of fun but also full of benefits:

  • Play dough is a fantastic way to strengthen fine motor skills, which helps with prewriting skills
  • Play dough can be calming and stress relieving
  • Encourages development of hand-eye coordination
  • Excellent sensory play activity
  • Increases creativity and imagination
  • Will help with letter recognition and letter formation
  • Is a fun way to introduce beginning sounds

These Superhero Play Dough Mats are a fantastic way to help encourage children to learn and practice the alphabet in an exciting, hands-on way!

Grab Your FREE Set

Get out the play dough and grab your free copy of the Superhero Play Dough Mats by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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