Snowman 20 Frames Math Game

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We have mastered our numbers to 10, and are getting pretty quick at instantly identifying numbers in 10 frames. Now we are using 20 frame activities to work on furthering our number sense and mastering those tricky teens! It can be a little tough at first for kids to understand that teen numbers are ten and some more, so 20 frames can really be a helpful visual. This Snowman 20 Frames math game is a fun game to print and play with your young mathematicians this winter!

*This game pairs perfectly with our Snow Centers & Activities for Pre-K/Kindergarten!

This free snowman 20 frames math game for Kindergarten is a great winter math center for building up number sense with teen numbers!

Snowman 20 Frames Math Game

Personally, I love activities and games that are easy-prep and hands-on and my kids love activities that incorporate coloring as well – so this game is a perfect combo! It is a great activity to use for a Pre-K or Kindergarten math center!

How to Prep

Prep for this activity couldn’t be easier! Begin by printing out the snowmen on their 20 frames (numbers 11-20), as well as the recording sheet.

Next, cut and laminate the 20 frame pieces. I highly recommend laminating the snowman pieces for durability – especially if you are using this activity in a math center!

Lastly, make several copies of the recording sheet so that each student has one.

This activity includes snowman 20 frames math cards and a snowman 20 frames recording sheet.

How to Play

I first played this snowman 20 frames math game with my small groups. The students were ready to dive right on in and see which teen number the first snowman we picked would show us on their 20 frame.

I like to place the snowman 20 frame pieces in a small basket in the center of the table for the kids to pull from.

The first snowman we pulled was the number “15”. We tried really hard to “see 10” first, and then count the extra.

We searched for the snowman with the matching number, and then we colored his hat, scarf, nose, and arms! However, in Kindergarten I do get lots of full on purple and green snowmen too, and I love it – that’s just how we roll!

We kept pulling, counting, and coloring until we had completed our recording sheet and had some practice with all of the teen numbers.

Pull a snowman 20 frames card, count, and color the matching snowman on the recording sheet.

Grab Your FREE Copy

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  1. I have been enjoying reading your emails and downloading your freebies. They are perfect for this time of the year in math, as we are working on adding and subtracting, as well as those fun teen numbers!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences, and expert knowledge!!!

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