Penguin Teen Number Counting Game

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Learning teen numbers takes practice! This free Penguin Teen Number Counting Game shows that a teen number is made up of “10 and some more” in a fun, hands-on way! Plus, the cute penguin theme makes it a perfect pairing with a thematic unit on penguins, winter, or even just for fun any time of the year!

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Penguin Teen Number Counting Game

This game is a quick one to prep! Simply print out the penguin addition cards and 20 frame fish cards (download below) and laminate them for sturdiness and reuse. Cut them apart and your game pieces are all ready to play!

The penguin cards show adorable penguins going fishing. There is an equation above them showing 10+__.

The goal is to find the teen number that matches that equation.

How to Play

I typically introduce this activity as a matching game first in our small groups.

You can also print out the optional recording sheet. After the students have had some practice in small groups, add it to your math centers with the recording sheet.

To play, my kids picked a penguin addition card, searched the fish cards for a 20 frame that had the correct teen number, then paired it up with the equation! They played until all teen numbers had been matched up.

The recording sheet comes in handy for writing teen numbers after they have played! Then, they are seeing the numbers represented in written form, as an equation, and also in a 20 frame!

This helps solidify their understanding a bit when they record it. I usually send it home so they can show their parents.

After they complete the activity once, I like to put the recording sheet in a dry erase pocket sleeve so that the students can still record numbers during math centers without having to use more paper.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to work on counting teen numbers? Grab your free copy of the Penguin Teen Number Game by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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  1. Would there happen to be a version (or the possibility of a future version) that just has a single number instead of an equation?

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