School Supply Unifix Cubes Counting Activity Mats

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I can’t believe that school is back in session! Summer always seems to fly by incredibly fast. Before we know it, we’re back into the full swing of learning. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite math activities that’s perfect for the start of the school year: School Supply Unifix Cubes Counting Activity Mats.

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These free School Supply Unifix Cubes Counting Activity Mats are perfect for the back to school season or anytime of the year!

School Supply Unifix Cubes Counting Activity Mats

This unifix cubes activity is great for morning work, math centers, or small group practice in any Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom.

All of the counting mats include numbers 1-10. The numbers are displayed in random order to help solidify student practice with number recognition and counting. It also supports one-to-one correspondence and even comparing.

Just print, laminate, and set out with unifix cubes or any math manipulatives that you have on hand.

How to Prep

In addition to being incredibly versatile, this unifix cube activity is so simple to prep!

Yay for teacher time-savers! Just print, laminate for durability, and set out with any math manipulatives or counters that you have on hand.

I like to use unifix cubes because they easily stack together to form a tower. Unifix cubes are also all the same size, which helps if you want to extend learning by comparing the towers.

Students read a number on the mat and count that number of cubes out as they form a tower.

How to Use the Counting Mats

Kids need a lot of practice with counting to truly understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

When students are using these counting mats, I have them read a number on the mat and count that number of cubes out as they form a tower.

When students finish all of the towers on the mat, they count each cube back off of the mat, one tower at a time.

Unifix cubes are great for this activity because they stack easily to make the number towers.

Teacher Tips

For students who need support with number identification, have a number line available. Students can use the number line to count and point until they reach the number shown on the mat that they’re trying to identify.

For students who need more support with counting, you could have them count out the number of cubes onto a ten frame first, then count them into a tower. This will allow them to have a space for each counter, helping to improve their one-to-one correspondence.

Grab Your Free Copy

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