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  • Counting Activities and Centers for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten


    Looking for hands-on and engaging counting activities for your classroom? These are for you!

    Designed with both Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, these centers will give you a variety of activities and options for teaching early numeracy skills like number recognition, counting, subitizing, quantity, and one-to-one correspondence to your students.

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    This pack is filled with engaging counting activities for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten students that are NOT themed and can be used ANY TIME of year!

    ***This pack focuses on counting to 20. For more exposure to learning to recognize numbers, you may find our Number Centers to be helpful. They pair with this pack perfectly!


    Counting Cards and Mats – This pack contains a variety of fun counting cards and mats to 20, including:
    – Add buttons to the jar

    – Adding sprinkles to the donuts

    – Add chocolate chips (or sprinkles) to the cookies

    – Adding scoops to the ice cream cone

    – Build ten and twenty frames (erasers, beads, buttons, etc).

    – Add “goldfish” to the tank

    Beginner Counting Cards and Mats – Cards with items already on them for students to match up one to one as they count. These are great for early counters!

    Counting Pocket Chart Sort – Use these pieces as a sorting game in the pocket chart (or out). There are 5 pieces to use as a sorting activity for each number to 20. Use as many or as few as you wish!

    Counting Puzzles – Use these puzzles as 3 piece puzzles, or simply remove the middle piece and have 2 piece puzzles for learners who aren’t quite ready for 3! (0-20)

    Donut 10 and 20 Frame Clip Cards – count the donuts in the 10 and 20 frames and clip the total.

    Counting Bear Clip Cards – Count the sets of bears and clip the total (1-20).

    Gum Ball Drop – Pick a gumball card and put it on the mat. Put that many pom poms or “gumballs” in the machine (1-20, you can choose which numbers are in play.)

    Give the Dog a Bone – Pick a bone card and put it on the mat. “Feed” the dog that many bones (1-20, you can choose which numbers are in play).

    Frog on a Log – Pick a frog card and put it on the mat. Put that many “frogs” on the logs (1-20, you can choose which numbers are in play).

    Balloon Pop (2 Levels) – Roll a die and count the dots. Find and color the total. OR roll two dice and color the total.

    Stack It! (2 Levels) – Read the numbers on the cubes. Stack a tower that many cubes high on top (1-10 and 11-20).

    Black and White Copies of color items are included at the end of the files.

    ⭐SAVE BIG with the Year-Long Bundle

    ***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

    What educators are saying:

    These were helpful in developing number sense in children at the beginning of the year. Thank you for creating engaging activities to benefit student learning.
    — Heather P.

    I placed each of the activities in baggies and used them as early finisher activities! The students loved practicing counting with the fun activities!
    — Rebecca W.

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