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Rainforest Animal Habitat Centers and Activities


The rainforest is filled with some incredible and super interesting animals! From the slow-moving sloth and slithering python to the fierce tiger, these animals and their habitats are sure to capture the attention of your students. This pack of Rainforest Animal Habitat Centers and Activities combines important math and literacy skills with this engaging animal theme. Plus, most of the activities included come in multiple versions making it perfect for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten!

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These Rainforest Animal Habitat Activities combine a fun rainforest theme with important Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten math and literacy skills!

Rainforest Animal Habitat Centers and Activities

These versatile center activities will help you introduce fun facts about the rainforest habitat and its animals while also strengthening math and literacy skills.

Skills covered in this pack include rainforest vocabulary, letter recognition, blends, sight words, counting, addition and subtraction, shapes, and more!

Let’s check out just a few of the activities included!

This resource pack is filled with tons of hands-on rainforest animal-themed math and literacy activities.

Spin & Write Numbers

This Spin & Write Numbers activity is perfect for differentiation because it includes 10 printable spinner cards for numbers 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, and 91-100.

Students make their own spinner with just a pencil and paperclip and they are ready to play! They will spin the spinner and use the recording sheet to show “counting on” from the number the spinner landed on.

The Spin & Write Numbers activity will strengthen counting skills in a fun way!

Rainforest Animal Writing Center

This Rainforest Animal Writing Center comes in two versions and can be used as an independent literacy center or as an interactive Write the Room/Color the Room.

Hang the rainforest animal cards around the room and kids can write the matching animal name OR color the matching animal picture on the recording sheet as they find them. Make this activity reusable by slipping the recording sheets into a dry erase pocket sleeves!

Kids will have fun picking an animal card and writing the matching animal name on the recording sheet.

Match and Trace Animal Shape Puzzles

Work on 2D shape recognition and tracing shapes with these Match and Trace Animal Shape Puzzles. They’re a super fun and easy way to introduce shapes!

First, students match the animal puzzles and then they trace each shape on the recording sheet.

Build shape recognition skills with the Match and Trace Animal Shapes activity.

Leafy Lunch Sight Words

This Leafy Lunch Sight Words activity is EDITABLE which means you can customize it to work on the words of your choice!

Students will pick a sight word animal card and use the leaf letter cards to build the words on the mat. We even included an optional recording sheet for writing the sight words!

Work on spelling sight words with the Leafy Lunch Sight Words activity.

Ten Toucans Math Mats

The Ten Toucans math mats provide a hands-on way to work on counting skills and making 10!

To play, students choose some orange beak and some yellow beak toucan picture cards
to fill the ten frame on the mat. Then they write the different ways to make ten on the recording sheet.

Work on counting skills and making 10 with the Ten Toucans activity.

Butterfly Letter Match

The Butterfly Letter Match activity is so versatile because you get to decide which pieces to use. Choose between uppercase/uppercase, lowercase/lowercase, or uppercase/lowercase options.

Once you pick the pieces, print the corresponding recording sheet and students can make a match and write or trace the letters that they matched.

Students can match the butterfly letter pieces and then trace the letters on the recording sheet.

Plus, at the end of the file, all activities also come in black and white versions for an ink-saving option!

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