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Polar Animal Habitat Centers and Activities


In an early childhood classroom, learning about animals like fluffy polar bears and adorable waddling penguins opens up a world of icy wonders. These Polar Animal Habitat Centers and Activities provide an opportunity to make learning hands-on while strengthening important math and literacy skills. This pack will give you a variety of activities and options for your students, making it perfect for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten!

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These Polar Animal Habitat Centers and Activities combine polar animals with important Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten math and literacy skills!

Polar Animal Habitat Centers and Activities

Do you teach your students about the polar habitat and animals that live there? With these Polar Animal Habitat Centers, you can incorporate this engaging theme and practice key math and literacy skills!

Skills covered in this pack include letter recognition, sight words, syllables, number recognition, counting, shapes, addition and subtraction, and more!

Let’s check out just a few of the activities included!

This resource pack is filled with tons of hands-on polar animal-themed math and literacy activities.

Shivering Subtraction Mat

This Shivering Subtraction Mat is an interactive way to work on subtraction within 5 and 10 in small groups or centers!

To play, students choose an equation card and place it on the mat. Then they use the polar animal cards to solve the equation.

Practice subtraction skills with the Shivering Subtraction activity.

Polar Animal Writing Center

The Polar Animal Writing Center Activities come in two versions and can be added to your literacy centers or used as an interactive “Write the Room” or “Color the Room.” You choose!

Hang the polar animal cards around the room and kids can color the matching pictures on the Color It! recording sheet as they find them. Or for a challenge, give students the Write It! recording sheet and they can write the animal names.

Kids will have fun picking an animal card and writing the matching name on the Polar Animal Write It printable.

Polar Animal More or Less

This Polar Animal More or Less Center includes three options for comparing numbers providing the perfect opportunity for differentiation.

Start by deciding between the 10 or 20 frame cards. Then print the corresponding recording sheet. Recording sheets included are ‘Polar Animals More or Less,’ ‘Polar Animal More or Less 10 Frames,’ and ‘Polar Animal More or Less 20 Frames.’

Work on comparing numbers and ten frames with the More or Less 10 Frames activity.

Let’s Label Polar Habitat

If you’re looking for an activity that strengthens multiple skills, this is it! This Polar Habitat Label It! Printable will have your students reading polar words AND practicing cutting and pasting skills.

I like to use this labeling printable as a follow-up activity after introducing the information on the included Polar Habitat Fact Sheet.

Learn the names of polar animals and what they look like with the Let's Label Polar Habitat printable.

Arctic Hare Hippity Hop Skip Counting

Hop into some skip counting fun with this Arctic Hare Skip Counting Activity! Order the numbered cards from 5-50 and write the numbers on the recording sheet.

Don’t forget to also grab the Hippity Hop Count by 10s version too!

Have tons of fun skip counting with the Hippity Hop Skip Counting activity.

Polar Bird Pick and Trace

The Polar Bird Pick and Trace Activity is so versatile because you get to decide which pieces to use. Choose between uppercase or lowercase letter options.

Once you pick the pieces, print the corresponding recording sheet and students can pick a letter card and trace the matching letter.

Students can pick polar bird letter cards and then trace the letters on the recording sheet.

Plus, at the end of the file, all activities also come in black and white versions for an ink-saving option!

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