Polar Animal Habitat Centers


Are you wanting to teach your students about the polar habitat and its animals?

Check out this pack designed with skills for Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten learners!

⭐SAVE BIG with the Animal Habitats Bundle!

These polar habitat centers will give you a variety of activities and options for your students.


Polar Habitat Fact Sheet – This is a short list of scientific facts to read aloud to students or to research and learn more about the Polar habitat.

Let’s Label Polar Habitat – Cut and glue the names of the animals and plants in the Polar habitat.

Polar Animal Writing – Place the picture/word cards around the room. Choose from ‘Polar Animal Color It’ or ‘Polar Animal Write It’ recording sheets.

Shivering Syllables – Choose a polar animal card. Count the syllables of the polar animal’s name and place the card in the correct spot on the map. Recording sheet is included.

Walrus’ Word Families – Choose a walrus card, read the word, and place it on the ice floe with the rhyming word. Recording sheet is included.

Polar Bird Pick and Trace – Choose a polar bird letter card and trace the matching letter on the recording sheet. Uppercase and lowercase letters are provided.

Icy Polar Sight Words (editable sight word cards included) – Use the polar animal letter cards to build the sight words on the mat. Recording sheet is included.

Polar Animals Emergent Reader (2 levels) – Copy two-sided and cut in half for two books!


Tally Mark Puzzle Cards – Match the puzzle cards. Recording sheet is included.

Arctic Hare Hippity Hop Skip Counting – Use the arctic hare number cards to practice counting by 5s or by 10s. Recording sheets are included.

Polar Bear 3D Shape Puzzles – Match the puzzle cards. Recording sheet is included.

Shivering Subtraction Mat – Use the polar animal cards to solve the subtraction equations within 5 or within 10. Recording sheets are included.

Polar Animal More or Less – Choose two frame cards and place them on the mat to compare. Recording sheets are included: ‘Polar Animals More or Less,’ ‘Polar Animal More or Less 10 Frames,’ ‘Polar Animal More or Less 20 Frames.’

Black and white copies are included as well!

⭐SAVE BIG with the Animal Habitats Bundle!

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