Must Have Penguin Books for Kids

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Winter is here! While penguins exist in all seasons of the year, they are often a theme used in the winter months (I think it’s all that snow!) in many classrooms. These penguin books for kids are must-haves for your collection. I usually pull them out, along with my favorite snowman books, to get ready for January!

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These awesome penguin books for kids are so fun for winter read alouds or as supplements to penguin activities in the classroom!

Penguin Books for Kids

National Geographic Readers: Penguins!

This penguin book for kids is appropriate for young students due to the quality of its engaging images and length.

I love having engaging, non-fiction books with real photos in my classroom! While this isn’t a book I would sit and read aloud in one sitting with my students, we would go through the various “chapters,” discuss the pictures, learn text features, and so much more! I love the National Geographic Readers series. They are appropriate for young students due to the quality of their engaging images and length.

If You Were a Penguin

This book gives great facts about penguins, all framed around the idea of what life would be like if you were a penguin!

This book gives great facts about penguins! All facts are framed around the idea of what life would be like if you were a penguin! Its short phrases and fun illustrations make this a perfect read aloud in the classroom. You can also extend it by having your kids draw a picture and write a sentence about “If they were a penguin.” You can have them be factual, or let them be silly!

365 Penguins

365 Penguins is not a factual book but it provides lots of laughs for you and your students!

Penguins are all around! A family has penguins arrive at their house – one for every day of the year. It is fun at first, but what on earth do you do with 365 penguins?! While this isn’t a factual book it provides some laughs and is an engaging read.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr. Poppers Penguins is a chapter book that is appropriate for all ages.

This super popular book is one you likely already know or own, but it had to make the list! House painter Mr. Popper has a group of penguins with him, and there are all sorts of antics abounding! This is a chapter book, but I have read it with students kindergarten and up a little bit each day, and it is great! (P.S.- For awesome chapter books for kindergarten, check out Simply Kinder’s list!)

Penguin Chick (Let’s Read and Find Out Science)

Penguin Chick tells the story of how emperor penguin chicks survive in the arctic.

Learn about how emperor penguin chicks survive in the arctic with this great non-fiction book. Kids especially love it because it is about the journey of a baby penguin – I don’t know about your kids, but my class LOVES all things baby animals.

Tacky the Penguin

Tacky the Penguin tells the story of a bird that at first doesn't fit in but finds friends that appreciate his odd quirks.

Tacky the penguin is an odd bird. His friends find him to be annoying with all of his strange and “different” antics. You could say he marches to the beat of his own drum. However, when he saves the day – his friends start to change their minds about him!

A Penguin Story

A Penguin Story tells the story of Edna the penguin and her desire to see more color in her life.

Edna the penguin wants some color in her life! All she ever sees is white (ice), black (the night), and blue (the water). So Edna goes off on a search for color. Will she find it? You can extend this story by talking about all the various colors you see in your life, and compare/contrast to other areas, or what Edna sees.

The Emperor’s Egg

This factual book teaches all about father penguins and their duty of keeping the baby emperor penguin egg safe.

This factual book teaches all about father penguins and their duty of keeping the baby emperor penguin egg safe in the freezing cold while the mothers are on the hunt for food. This book is part of the Read and Wonder series, which contains facts about the subject as well as illustrations like a picture book.

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