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Must Have Snowman Books for Kids


I know seasons vary from place to place, and that one area’s cold is another’s warm – but around here it is starting to get pretty chilly, and we have snow and all things winter on the brain! These must have snowman books for kids are a perfect addition to your classroom or home book collection and are some of my favorites to read aloud this time of year!

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These snowman books for kids are the perfect addition to your classroom or home collection for great winter read alouds! 

Snowman Books for Kids

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman is a fun winter twist on a classic.

I love this winter twist on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider!” With fun rhymes and a familiar tune, this book is always fun. There is also a pumpkin version for fall!


The illustrations in Snowballs are so fun and engaging, and unique things are used to build a snow family!

The illustrations in this book are so fun and engaging, and unique things are used to build a snow family! Similar to the style of the book Leaf Man (same author) this is another great one to add to your collection!

100 Snowmen

100 Snowmen is filled with fun equations and rhymes, all on the quest to get to 100 snowmen!

I just recently read this book in my classroom. It is filled with fun equations and rhymes, all on the quest to get to 100 snowmen! Yes, some of the equations go over my kids’ heads right now, but it was still fun for them to hear. They loved trying to see just how many snowmen there would be!

Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman is filled with fun repetitive phrases your kids will love!

Sneezy is always cold and wanting to warm up. The kids try to help him because Sneezy keeps melting himself! I loved this book because of its repetitive phrases. My kids immediately started joining in on parts, which made it a great interactive read aloud! Plus, it is silly – and we love a good, funny book!


Snowzilla tells the story of a little girl and her brother trying to build the biggest snowman possible.

First, I just love the title of this one – immediately I picture a giant snowman without even seeing the cover! It has snowed for over a week, and Cami Lou and her brother are ready to build one huge snowman!

All You Need for a Snowman

Discuss everything you need to build a snowman in this fun winter read aloud.

I like to start off this book by asking my kids what they would need for a snowman – I love hearing what they would use! This book starts with the basics (you need snow of course!) and moves on from there as you watch a snowman be built.

The Biggest Snowman Ever

In The Biggest Snowman Ever, Clayton and Desmond work together to win the town contest.

My kids love “the mouse” stories and are familiar with the characters from The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever and The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, so they are immediately intrigued by this one as well! When there is a town snowman contest, both Desmond and Clayton want to win, but it is hard to do alone!

The Snowman

The Snowman tells the tale of a little boy's snowman that comes to life.

I am pretty much a sucker for wordless books. I love them and try to add as many as possible to my collection. They are just so powerful for beginning readers! This story tells the tale of a little boy’s snowman that comes to life that night. There is also a DVD of the story too!

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