Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards

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‘Tis the season for hot chocolate and other yummy winter treats now that it’s cold outside! Even if you live where it never gets too cold, hot chocolate seems to be a go-to treat in the winter months. In the classroom, we are having a blast with some fun winter-themed learning activities lately, like practicing addition to ten with these free Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards!

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Practice addition to ten with these fun and free Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards

I love simple prep math centers that also provide hands-on fun. These addition cards are just the thing! They are a great introduction to addition because there is no pressure to write an answer or solve – it’s strictly counting out each part and creating the whole.

How to Prep

This activity is the definition of easy-prep. Simply print out the addition cards, grab some marshmallows, and you’re all set to go! I recommend laminating the cards for durability and repeated use.

We play with marshmallows because, well – hot chocolate! However, if you have concerns about giving out food items, you could also play with winter-themed erasers, buttons, or you could even have kids draw “marshmallows” using dry erase markers.

Print, laminate, and cut the addition cards, and grab some marshmallows or other fun manipulatives.

How to Play

In my small group, we each took turns drawing a mug from a small basket in the center of the table. We then read the addition equation to see what we needed to build.

We first picked 4+3, so we placed 4 marshmallows down, and then 3 more. I still have many kids who want to start at 1 and then count from 1 to see how many, so we practice together counting on from the first set and saying “4… 5, 6, 7.”   4+3=7!

We kept pulling addition cards and building equations, getting lots of practice since there are 20 mugs with equations!

We used marshmallows to build the equations in our addition ten frames.

The kids loved the idea of “marshmallow math” – and I loved that they were having fun while learning!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to practice addition to ten with your kiddos? Get your free copy of the Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition Cards

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