Addition Centers and Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten


Looking for hands-on and engaging addition activities for your classroom? These are for you!

Designed with both Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, these centers will give you a variety of activities and options for teaching addition within 5 and addition within 10 to your students.

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This pack is filled with engaging addition centers for Pre-K and Kindergarten students that are NOT themed and can be used ANY TIME of year!


Addition cards for 4 different manipulatives (192 cards total!) with differentiated options included for: 

  • bead addition cards
  • brick addition cards (LEGO, Duplo, etc.)
  • cube addition cards
  • link addition cards

Pocket Chart Addition Sort – Sort popcorn pieces in a pocket chart by placing them under the correct bucket after solving the equations! (66 equations)

Addition Domino Sort – Sort dominoes (use real ones or the included printable ones) onto mats by their sum!

Sprinkle Sums – (laminate or use a sheet protector) Roll two dice and write the equation under the cupcake. Put “sprinkles” on the cupcake to solve.

Cupcake Addition Cards – Print and laminate. Use beads or sequins as “sprinkles” on the cupcakes to solve the equations.

Cupcake Sprinkle Sums (Version 2) – Roll two dice and write the equation under a cupcake. Draw sprinkles on the cupcake to solve.

Teddy Bear Addition (Sums to 10) – Pick a teddy bear card. Use two different colors to build the equation on a ten frame.

Puppy Paws Addition (Sums to 5) – Pick a paw print card. Use two different colors to build the equation on a five frame.

Stack It! (2 levels – Sums to 5 and Sums to 10) – Read the equations on the cubes. Use cubes to stack a tower on top and solve. 8 game boards included.

Gumball Addition Mats – Print and laminate. Use mini pom poms or other manipulatives as “gumballs” inside the machines to solve the equations. 20 addition mats included.

Black and White Copies of color items are included at the end of the files.

⭐SAVE BIG with the Year-Long Bundle

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

What educators are saying:

Great way to make addition fun! Lots of hands on activities. Thank you for sharing!
— Mary R.

Love the variety in these packs – you get so much for the price!
— Melanie M.

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