Helpful Tips for What to Do When Students Are Bored

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Do your students ever say, “I’m bored!”? It doesn’t always mean that you’re boring or school isn’t fun. Although, it can make us feel like we are doing something wrong and not providing them with enough stuff to keep them interested. Here are some helpful tips for what to do when students are bored!

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Check out these simple and super helpful tips for what to do when students are bored in Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Helpful Tips for What to Do When Students Are Bored

In Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten, we often run into situations where students refuse to work or complain that they are bored. We’ve all been there!

Sometimes we can re-engage students by simply presenting a center or classroom supply in a different way. But sometimes we need to do more.

Let’s look at some ways we can re-engage our students when they are bored!

Tip #1 – Offer Choice

First, offer choice. Ask your student, “Would you like to sit or stand?” or “Would you like to use crayons or colored pencils?”

Offering choice is powerful for our students. Sometimes choice makes things exciting for them and makes them feel like they have a say in what is happening.

Offering multiple school supplies is a great way to provide choice for your students.

Tip #2 – Don’t Over-Engage

Second, don’t over-engage in complaining. Over-engaging can cause the complaining to go on longer by keeping attention on it. It could even make the complaining worse.

Also, don’t take it personally because it’s not! This is one of the hardest things for educators to remember. Put things into perspective and remember that they are children. They aren’t trying to hurt you by complaining. They are just saying what they feel!

When students complain that they are bored, over-engaging can keep the attention on the complaining.

Tip #3 – Positively Engage!

Third, after offering a choice, positively engage with the student. For example, “Oh Wow! You’re working hard on that!” “I love seeing what you’re doing here!”

Giving some positive attention may be what they were seeking in the first place.

You can also positively engage by recognizing how hard a student has worked on building something.

Just remember, do not say, “It’s not boring.” Instead, Offer choice. Positively engage. And let it go.

Then, privately make some observations. Why is the student saying it is boring? Is the activity too hard? Do they need more time? Are they having trouble getting started?

It’s worth the time to figure out WHY they are feeling bored!

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Helpful Tips for What to Do When Students Are Bored

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