Must-Try Tip for When a Student Refuses to Work

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Have you ever thought, I do not want to work on this right now? Maybe it’s lesson plans, an IEP, or prepping center materials. Now think about how often a student has said to you, “I don’t want to do my work!” We have to take a step back for a minute. As adults, we can choose to take a break, but a student can’t. I know how important it is for a student to do their work and we often have a limited amount of time. We’ve all been there and today I want to share with you this must-try strategy for when a student refuses to work.

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Offering choice is a powerful tool in a teacher's toolbox. Check out this must-try strategy for when a student refuses to work!

Must-Try Tip for When a Student Refuses to Work

I hope after that opening paragraph you realize that you are not alone. Handling this situation can be tricky. But remember, a student not wanting to do their work is NORMAL. So how can we get them to complete the task (hopefully in the time allotted)?

It can be tempting to continue to remind our students over and over again to do their work. BUT we can avoid multiple reminders with classroom consistency. And, we can motivate our students by offering CHOICE!

Motivating students when they refuse to do their work can be frustrating and exhausting.

Offering Choice!

My number one strategy for motivating students to complete a task is to offer them a choice. Choice can be very powerful. It allows the student a sense of having a say over what is happening and having some control of the situation.

Choice can be as simple as “Would you like to use a red crayon or a blue crayon?” “Would you like to do your work sitting or standing?” You may be asking, “But, how can something so simple change a student’s willingness to do work?”

Because choice is really POWERFUL. Not only for your students but for you too.

Offering students choice with things like crayon colors or where they work will help motivate them.

In our classrooms, we have so many procedures and routines that the kids must follow to create an effective learning environment. Their minds are growing at a fast rate and they are making huge gains while they are in our care.

If a student refuses to work or follow those procedures, we can give them some power back with CHOICE!

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Must-Try Tip for When a Student Refuses to Work

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