Pumpkin Ten Frame Math Game

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Fall is my favorite time of year! It means that the stores are filled with fall scents, pumpkins, acorns, and more. It’s the perfect time to play this fun and hands-on Pumpkin Ten Frame Math Game! Your students will have a blast racing to see who gets to 10 first while strengthening important counting skills!

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Your students will love this Pumpkin Ten Frame Math Game as they race to see who gets to 10 first while strengthening counting skills!

Pumpkin Ten Frame Math Game

I love to go out hunting for great bargains on materials and supplies I can use in the classroom. Recently I scored big! I found these adorable pumpkin ice trays and jumbo dice at the dollar store. Immediately I started planning out fun counting activities for my kiddos.

If you love this activity but don’t have the exact supplies, you can play with any small manipulatives that you have on hand. The tray and jumbo dice can also easily be swapped out with a normal ice tray and standard dice.

Grab an ice tray, dice, and unifix cubes for this fun ten frame math game.

How to Play

I know ten frame math games are all over the place and we teachers all have tons of ideas, so I am sure this probably existed long before my pumpkin ice tray discovery – but my students absolutely love this fun game that we call “Pumpkin race to 10!”

To play, each player has their own ice tray and 10 black unifix cubes (the black and orange makes this game perfect for a Halloween party).

The black unifix cubes and orange pumpkin ice trays are perfect for a fun Halloween-themed math activity.

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The first player rolls one die, counts, and adds that many unifix cubes to their ice tray. Then the next player does the same.

The kids continue rolling the die and adding cubes to their tray until it is completely filled up. The first player to fill up their tray wins!

Kids take turns rolling the die, counting, and filling their ice try until they reach ten.

I am so excited for this game because we are just starting to learn about ten frames, and how we fill up one whole row before moving to another. This also helps students practice one-to-one correspondence. Make it more challenging for students that are ready and give them 2 dice to practice addition!

When we are all done I put all the supplies in my handy dandy gallon zip-top bags and add it to our math centers.

Place all the supplies in a zip top bag for a quick grab and go ten frame math game!

This “Pumpkin Race to 10” activity is the perfect fall counting game and storing it in the bags means it’s ready to just grab and go!

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