Roll and Color/Roll and Trace Dice Math Games


Looking for engaging and fun activities to practice number recognition, counting, addition, AND subtraction? This pack is for you!

Designed with Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, this pack includes easy-prep Roll and Color math games for the ENTIRE YEAR with a bonus Roll and Trace version of each game!

This pack contains 66 roll and color dice math games AND 66 roll and trace dice math games for early learners. Work on math skills and on number writing too!

There are 22 different designs with 3 levels of play each:

Basic Roll and Color/Trace – Roll one die, count the dots, and color or trace the matching number. Or, roll a numbered die and find the matching number.

Addition Roll and Color/Trace – Roll two dice, add them together, and color or trace the answer. You can use dotted dice or numbered dice (sums to 12). A number line is provided if needed.

Subtraction Roll and Color/Trace – Roll two dice, subtract the smaller number from the larger, and color or trace the answer. Use dotted or numbered dice (subtraction within 6). A number line is provided if needed.

The dice math games are divided into seasons and holidays:

  • Back to School – 3 designs (9 games)
  • Fall – 3 designs (9 games)
  • Winter – 3 designs (9 games)
  • Spring – 3 designs (9 games)
  • Summer – 2 designs (6 games)
  • Holiday – 8 different holidays (24 games)
    (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter)

You can also use these dice math games as roll and cover games by putting them in sheet protectors and giving students manipulatives such as cubes to cover their answers instead of color. Or by using dry erase markers for printing on the sheet protector. This lets students use them over and over again!

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

What educators are saying:

Fun, interactive way to practice counting, tracing, and coloring. My students loved using these sheets when they were done with their assignment.
— Christina B.

I used these with my students in the classroom and I also used them for family math nights. It was an easy way to show parents how to use dice at home to work on subitizing.
— Lynda G.

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