Dentist Dash Alphabet Activity

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February is here and that means it’s time for dental-themed lessons, games, books, and more! This free Dentist Dash Alphabet Activity will fit right in this month but it’s also fun to play any time of the year! This game can be played independently in your literacy centers or with a partner. But no matter how you use it, it’s sure to help your students strengthen letter recognition and writing skills!

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This free Dentist Dash Alphabet Activity will help your students build letter recognition skills and writing skills in February or anytime!

Dentist Dash Alphabet Activity

This activity is great for both Pre-K and Kindergarten and truly doesn’t get easier to prep. Just grab some dice and counters (for game pieces) and you’re ready to print and play! The download includes 2 Dentist Dash! gameboards for both uppercase and lowercase letter practice and a recording sheet.

We love to use jumbo foam dice to play. They’re more fun to roll and the bigger dots are easier to count. Plus, the soft dice are quieter when rolled which makes them perfect for the classroom! Don’t have foam dice? Traditional dice work great too!

The download includes 2 Dentist Dash gameboards for both uppercase and lowercase letter practice and a recording sheet.

Ways to Play

When you are ready for your students to play Dentist Dash!, start by determining if you want them to work on uppercase or lowercase letters. Then you can decide if it is going to be an independent activity or partner game.

To play independently, the kids simply roll a die, count the number, and move that number of places on the Dentist Dash! gameboard. When they land on a letter, they pick a tooth on the recording sheet and say and write that letter. If they land on a toothbrush space, they just roll again. They continue rolling and writing until they reach the “Finish” space.

In addition to letter recognition and writing practice, students will be building subitizing skills (recognizing the number on the dice without counting) while playing the game!

All you need for this alphabet activity is some dice, counters, and the printable gameboards and recording sheet.

As a partner game, kids each have a copy of the recording sheet and they take turns rolling a die, saying the letter names, and writing them on their own recording sheet. If they land on a toothbrush space they get an extra turn.

The first student to reach the “Finish” space is the winner!

Teacher Tip: Save paper and add even more engagement to this alphabet activity by placing the recording sheet in a dry erase pocket sleeve and giving students dry erase markers to write with!

Make this alphabet activity reusable by placing the recording sheet in a dry erase pocket sleeve.

Add this super fun alphabet game to your lessons and your kids will be so excited to practice identifying and writing letters!

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Dentist Dash Alphabet Activity

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