Alphabet Trace and Write Printables

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It’s so much fun when children begin to understand that the ABC song is more than just a cutesy chant for impressing mom and dad (though that is super fun too). When kids begin to fully understand that the alphabet is individual letters that make sounds – it is such an exciting time! I just know that your students are really going to enjoy these free Alphabet Trace and Write Printables because they will immediately feel successful when using them!

*Pair with our Alphabet Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

These free Alphabet Trace and Write Printables are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten students working on writing their letters!

Alphabet Trace and Write Printables

As teachers, it is so exciting when we can find simple activities that make a big impact for reaching our teaching goals. This alphabet printable pack can be used in your Pre-K or Kindergarten literacy centers, or as a quick print-and-go option for morning work and homework.

Give your students fun writing tools like colored pencils or skinny markers and they will have a blast practicing their letter writing skills!

Give your students fun writing tools like skinny markers and they will have a blast practicing letter writing skills!

How to Use the Alphabet Printables

One of my favorite features of this printable pack is that it includes both uppercase and lowercase letter charts! In the classroom, I would suggest focusing on one set at a time.

For my early learners, we start by using the “I can trace letters!” printables first. They are great practice for letter recognition and it also gives their little fingers a chance to work up those fine motor muscles for letter writing practice.

I like to begin by adding the lowercase printables to our literacy centers. After a few days, I swap out the printables to the uppercase version.

Eventually I will add back in the lowercase set so students can choose which printables they want to complete!

This pack includes alphabet printables for working tracing letters.

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The “I can write letters!” printables are awesome for students already familiar with letter formation. But I still recommend having an alphabet chart nearby for reference!

Teacher Tip: If you are wanting to only prep these printables once and still make them reusable, simply laminate them before placing them in your literacy centers. Give your students fine point dry erase markers for a “pencil-like” feel.

Laminate the printable and give your students fine point dry erase markers for a "pencil-like" feel.

These alphabet printables will help your students build confidence while they have tons of fun working on letter writing skills!

Grab Your FREE Copy

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