CVC Word Family Emergent Readers

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Learning to read takes practice and patience, but it is such an exciting journey! One major key to growing as a reader is building confidence. Kids need books in their hands, at their level, that they can read to give them practice in fluency and help them to feel successful! These 21 CVC Word Family Emergent Readers do just that, while also being engaging, fun, and interactive!

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Build fluency and confidence with these 21 CVC Word Family Emergent Readers! Just print, staple, and you're ready to read!

CVC Word Family Emergent Readers

I love giving my kids books that they can interact with, write on, color, etc. Of course we don’t treat our regular books this way – but these printable emergent readers are theirs to learn from and keep. We interact with them in many ways!

Each book contains a focus word family and pictures for the students to color. We like to read the story several times, identify and underline the word families, and then color the illustrations.

These CVC word family emergent readers are super easy to prepare! Just print double sided, cut in half, staple, and voila – you have two books ready to go! This is great for saving paper.

We begin by reading the book, finding the sight words, and checking out the punctuation to practice our expression as well.

What’s Included?

There are multiple stories for each short vowel sound, ensuring students get lots of practice with these sound patterns. This will set them up for successful decoding of CVC words in other texts.

Each emergent reader contains not only a focus word family, but sight words as well! This gives students additional practice in recognizing words that they will encounter often. (Sight words make up nearly half of the words that we read!)

This emergent reader resource pack includes the following short vowel CVC word families:

short a – at, am, an, ap, ag, ad
short e – et, en, ed
short i – it, in, ig, id
short o – ot, op, ob, og
short u – un, ub, um, ug

Each book contains a focus word family and pictures for the students to color.

How to Use the CVC Word Family Emergent Readers

I typically use the emergent readers in small groups with my students, depending on their needs. We go through and highlight the word families, find the sight words, and check out the punctuation to practice our expression as well.

We practice the book in our group, and then I have students put them in their class book boxes for continued independent reading.

A great thing about these printable books is that I can easily run off an extra copy if I want the students to also have one at home for additional practice!

We read the books in small groups and then students can continue their CVC word family practice through independent reading.

Grab Your Set

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