CVC Word Family Readers with Decodable Text


The complete collection of CVC word family readers – SAVE with this bundle!

Each reader focuses on a specific word family and uses minimal high-frequency words in addition to the decodable text.

These word family readers with decodable text are aligned with the best practices of the Science of Reading and are perfect for Kindergarten students and early readers.

They are great for small groups, classroom books, at-home practice, and more to build up your students’ confidence and fluency with decoding words.

Each book is easy to print (two sets on a page, simply print books two-sided and cut in half!) and has a larger font for ease of use with beginning readers.

Books included in this CVC Word Family Readers Bundle:

  • The Cat and the Rat (-at family)
  • Sam’s Ram (-am family)
  • This is Dan (-an family)
  • My Cap (-ap family)
  • The Bag (-ag family)
  • My Dad (-ad family)
  • The Vet (-et family)
  • Ten Hens (-en family)
  • Ted’s Bed (-ed family)
  • This is Kit (-it family)
  • The Big Win (-in family)
  • Fig the Pig (-ig family)
  • Sid the Kid (-id family)
  • Dot (-ot family)
  • My Pop (-op family)
  • An Odd Job (-ob family)
  • My Dog (-og family)
  • In the Sun (-un family)
  • In the Tub (-ub family)
  • Yum! (-um family)
  • A Fun Bug (-ug family)

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

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