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Planet Counting Puzzles


Space is something that often fascinates kids (it fascinates me too!) and I definitely have some kids who love all things outer space! I love when I can take a subject my kids are interested in and give them fun learning activities that relate, like these free Planet Counting Puzzles! These puzzles strengthen counting skills for numbers 1-50, while teaching the names of planets too!

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These free Planet Counting Puzzles for kids are a great way to practice number sequencing while learning more about planets and outer space!

Planet Counting Puzzles

Prep these counting puzzles once and use them year after year in your small groups or math centers!

Just print (download below), laminate, and cut apart on the gray lines to create vertical puzzle strips.

I put each puzzle in its own zip top plastic bag. (The slider ones are great and quick for cleanup!) This helps the pieces to stay together and encourages kids to complete one puzzle at a time.

I put each puzzle in its own zip top plastic bag to help keep the pieces together and encourage kids to complete one puzzle at a time.

How to Play

Each counting puzzle has 10 pieces. To start, we spread them out on the table and started putting numbers in order. We didn’t try to find the smallest, though you could begin that way. Counting on from a given number can be tricky, so do what works best for your kids and adjust as needed.

We started with one number and thought about what would come before or after. For example, we grabbed 43 and then decided to see if there was a 44, and so on. Once pieces started being placed together, the process of elimination helped us complete the puzzle. We made planet Earth!

Each counting puzzle has 10 pieces. To start, we spread them out on the table and started putting numbers in order to form the planet.

The planet name is included at the top of each puzzle, that way kids know which planet they completed!

Grab Your FREE Set of Counting Puzzles

Ready to practice counting and learning planet names all at once? Grab your free set of the Planet Counting Puzzles by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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