Christmas Tree Symmetry Activity

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Christmas is almost here! Can you believe the year flew by just like that?! Here is a great Christmas themed activity to learn about symmetry. It is perfect to use in small groups, centers, or even partner work! Your students will enjoy practicing symmetry in a unique way with this Christmas Tree Symmetry Activity!

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Practice symmetry in an engaging way using simple supplies with this easy, DIY Christmas tree symmetry activity!

Christmas Tree Symmetry Activity

This Christmas symmetry activity helps students to practice recognizing and creating symmetrical shapes. It also works on patterning skills while strengthening fine motor skills when picking up those small pieces and placing them “just right.”

Supplies Needed:

  • Green felt (green cardstock or craft foam works too!)
  • Mini pom poms to use as ornaments
  • Tiny candy canes, candy, etc. cut from felt, cardstock, or craft foam to use as ornaments
  • Mini erasers, beads, or any other small items to use as ornaments
  • A star for the topper – cut in half from felt, cardstock, or craft foam

I love using felt for lots of activities such as busy bags, story time, crafting, and fine motor activities. It is such a versatile material to use! However, cardstock or craft foam also work great if you do not have felt on hand.

Cut some felt into fun Chrismas themed shapes to model symmetry in a fun way.

How to Prep

Cut out your felt Christmas tree shape and star topper. Then cut them both in half as neatly as possible. That’s it!

Provide each student with the “ornaments” that you have selected to use to symmetrically decorate the tree.

Kids can begin by decorating one side of the felt Christmas tree.

How to Play

Small Group:

Provide one example of a half-decorated Christmas tree to the small group. The students will then replicate this tree on their own.

Switch up the ornaments to create a new example for the students to replicate OR give each student a chance to decorate the master tree that the group can “copy.” They love feeling like they are the teacher!

Then they can decorate the other side of the tree to match the first side.

Partner Work:

One student can do the setup – decorating the first half of the tree. Then the friend can “copy” that half so that it is exactly symmetrical.

Switch roles and the student that previously decorated the tree now gets to do the “copying.”

Independent Work:

If you want to use this as an independent activity in a class center, you can create master cards by taking photos of half-decorated trees and laminating them. Your students can use these masters to “copy” from.

In the end, the two sides of the Christmas tree should be symmetrical and match.

The many uses for this Christmas symmetry tree make it the perfect activity during the holiday season!

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