Quilt Symmetry Patterns Printable

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Teaching symmetry can be a little intimidating for teachers of primary-aged children. I can admit that I feel challenged when teaching symmetry to little ones. But the wonderful thing about symmetry is that there are many examples of it in our everyday life all around us and we often don’t realize it. One of the most fun ways to teach this skill to children is with quilt patterns. This free Quilt Symmetry Patterns Printable is a simple and fun way to have students practicing symmetry skills at an early age!

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This free Quilt Symmetry Patterns Printable is a simple and fun way to have students practicing symmetry at an early age!

Quilt Symmetry Patterns Printable

When introducing symmetry to my children, I always get a lot of excitement from them just by saying the word, “symmetry.” They think it sounds cool and they also like to practice saying it to a friend. My children say it makes them feel like big kids! How cute is that? Be sure to stretch their little minds and teach them the word symmetry and what it means.

Symmetry is all around us. When I first introduce symmetry in my classroom I speak about all of the things in our environment that have symmetry. We talk about how bugs (butterfly wings) have symmetry and flowers, snowflakes, and leaves. Right away my students want to make a list of things in their environment that have symmetry. They’re always surprised at how much symmetry plays a role in their surroundings and daily life!

This symmetry patterns activity has a top row of quilts for students to color symmetrical shapes.

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This symmetry patterns printable is perfect for kindergarten and first grade. I would encourage you to use it in a small group. This will make it easier to help those who may need some extra support!

When working in small groups we start by choosing one of the 3 quilts in the top row and coloring half of it. Then we color the other half to match.

I let my students pick their favorite coloring tools like colored pencils, skinny markers, or crayons.

What I really like about this activity is that children also get to create their own symmetry patterns with the 3 quilts in the bottom row. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to use their creativity and show what they’ve learned!

The bottom row of quilts allows students to draw and color their own symmetrical quilts.

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Quilt Symmetry Patterns Printable

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