Books for Teaching Kids to “Read the Pictures” Part 2

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I find that long weekends give me some added, much needed time to plan and prepare for my little learners, especially in regards to read alouds for the start of school. In Part 1 about my favorite books for teaching kids to “Read the Pictures” I showed you an awesome story that my students love, and today I bring you two more! This is such an important strategy for building strong, confident readers early on.

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Teaching kids to "read the pictures" is a key strategy in Kindergarten to build confidence as a reader! These books are perfect for that!

Books for Teaching Kids to “Read the Pictures” Part 2

First up….  an all time favorite that you probably already own, Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann.

Goodnight Gorilla is a nearly wordless book and has the kids participating actively and laughing at the gorilla's antics.

This nearly wordless book is so fun and the kids are always participating actively and laughing at the gorilla’s antics as he becomes an accomplice in the escape of the other animals at the zoo. I always love when the kids engage with the story by talking to the characters or making little gasps or sounds – so fun to see all of their learning and excitement on their faces!

I have a jungle theme classroom which in turn leads into safari, zoo, pretty much anything animal themed so this is a fun story for us to start the year as well!

Next up is The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney.

The Lion and the Mouse is also nearly wordless and the captivating illustrations are sure to keep younger and older readers alike engaged.

I LOVE this cover. No title or any information, but notice how his eyes are looking to the side? If you turn over the book, you can see what he is looking at! Love how that is done, and you can see if your students notice!

This book is also nearly wordless and the captivating illustrations are sure to keep young and old readers alike engaged and wanting to see what happens next! 

Learning how to read the stories that pictures tell is such a key strategy in Kindergarten to build that early confidence as a reader. They CAN read, even if they don’t read printed words yet! Teaching this strategy with great, engaging books will help your students build stamina as they practice read to self and develop a strong foundation as emergent readers!

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  1. Nice!! There are many ways through which you can teach your kids and teaching with picture learning is the best way. Kids found interest in this and that is the reason they will learn easily. If you are a teacher , then this is the Objective as a teacher to teach their children in all possible ways.

  2. Hi Vicky! Thanks for stopping by – I was glad to find your blog too, so fun to connect with other teachers! 🙂 I liked reading about your "smile tiles" on your blog – so fun! Hope your back to school season treats you well! I am sure I will be seeing you out in the blogger world! 🙂

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