Beach Themed Color By Letter Printables

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Recognizing letters is something that comes easily to most adults and even older children, but for preschoolers and kindergartners that isn’t always the case. There are many letters that my (almost) kindergartner can recognize. Some letters, though, she confuses with others or just doesn’t know. That is where activities like these fun and free Beach Themed Color By Letter printables come into play. With summer drawing near, this literacy activity is sure to be a hit!

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Work on letter recognition with your Pre-K or Kindergartener with these fun and free Beach Themed Color By Letter printables!

Beach Themed Color By Letter Printables

In May our family went on a vacation with my parents and sister’s family. My husband, daughter, and I live in the landlocked Midwest. So the first thing we did after the plane touched down in sunny California was drive straight to the beach.

Since drawing from experiences of children can make learning even more fun, when I was trying to think of a fun theme for this color by letter activity I knew I had to use the beach as inspiration!

To start this activity all you need is your child’s favorite coloring utensils (we love skinny markers!) and the beach themed printables (download below)!

Grab these color by letter printables and some crayons for a fun, no-prep literacy activity!

What’s Included?

This set includes 5 color by letter printables – each with one of two fun beach scenes and a different set of letters. That means there are a total of 5 different printable pages!

I wanted the scenes to be busy enough to make finding the letters a challenge, but not so cluttered that it made it impossible for kids to actually color the pictures.

Each printable has a key with a list of 6 colors on the top: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, and Yellow. Each color has a letter assigned to it.

Below the key is the picture. Each object in the picture has an assigned letter.

Students use the color key at the top of the printable to color the beach themed picture.

How to Use the Color By Letter Printables

Students can use the key on the top of the page to know which color to choose when coloring the picture, based on the letter assigned. For kids who don’t yet read color words, I recommend coloring the key together as a class first. You could also provide a color poster for reference.

You will notice that some letters are repeated, such as b, p, d, and q. That is because these letters are often tricky for students since their strokes and look are so similar, so they are repeated on separate pages to provide extra practice.

Through this activity, your students will be strengthening letter recognition skills while having fun in the process. As a bonus, your kids will also gain practice following directions as well as building hand muscles and pencil grip!

More Challenging Ideas:

For more of a challenge, in addition to coloring, you could have your students:

  • Say the letter sound
  • Write the letter on a separate sheet of paper
  • Say words that begin with that specific letter
  • Write words that start with that specific letter
As an added challenge, have students write the letters on a separate sheet of paper.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start practicing letter recognition in a fun way? Grab your free copy of the Beach Themed Color By Letter printables by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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