Beach Beginning Sound Puzzles

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Does your kindergartner love the beach, playing in the sand, and building sand castles? Not to mention playing in the water itself! Well if your student loves these things then these beach beginning sound puzzles are the perfect way to prevent the “summer slide”.

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Beach Beginning Sound Puzzles

Do you know one of the best thing about these puzzles? They are perfect for developing fine motor skills! And if that wasn’t enough, if your kids are not fans of worksheets- these puzzles are a perfect fit.

How to Assemble Puzzles

First, print the cards on either card stock or regular printing paper. Laminate for durability, and then cut the puzzles out with either scissors or a paper trimmer.

You can even have your students cut the puzzles for some extra fine motor skills.

Place the pieces with the images in one basket and the pieces with the letters in another.

Grab these FREE Beach Beginning Sound Puzzles! Perfect for your summer-themed literacy center activity. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will love it!

Have your child choose a few pieces from either basket and place them on a flat surface such as a table or even the floor.

Next, have them fish for the matching pieces in the other basket.

Have them continue until they have matched all the puzzles.

Other Ways to Use The Beach Beginning Sound Puzzles

Suggestion 1: Instead of using the second half of the puzzle (the portion with the letter sound), use the first half and either magnetic letters or letter tiles to match the sounds.

Grab these FREE Beach Beginning Sound Puzzles! Perfect for your summer-themed literacy center activity. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will love it!

Suggestion 2: If your student is already proficient in identifying beginning sounds, simply use the first half of the puzzle (the portion with the picture) and have them identify the ending sounds. All they need are letter tiles, or even give them a blank sheet of paper and stamps and have them stamp the ending sounds.

Suggestion 3: You can even try this with the middle sounds. Just pick a few cards and have them identify the middle sounds.

Grab Your Free Copy

Ready for some beach-themed beginning sound fun? Grab your copy of the beach beginning sound puzzles by clicking the large, yellow download button below! 

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