Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

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Kindergarteners love to build and stack, but did you know that building is the basis for engineering activities? With just a little extra preparation and intent, Kindergarten play can be transformed into awesome engineering activities for kids! Students will love these hands-on engineering activities and teachers will love how educational playtime can be!

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Keep students engaged and check out this must-try collection of hands-on, educational, and FUN engineering activities for kids!

Engineering Activities for Kids

Engineering is the ability to apply scientific knowledge to solve real world problems. It is the practical application of more abstract sciences like chemistry and physics.

Kids can use engineering to solve a variety of problems, from figuring out how to stack towers without them falling, to determining the best tool to use for a project. Even the youngest kids can use engineering for hands-on, educational fun inside and outside the classroom.

Try these engineering activities to help kids develop the very basics of engineering skills. Kindergartners will learn how to support weight, determine spatial awareness, select the right material for the job, create a design, and a whole lot more!

Kids will have a blast with this awesome Travel Engineering Kit! / Lemon Lime Adventures

Grab some easy supplies and make these awesome Jellybean Structures. / The Stem Laboratory

Use paper to figure out Which Shape is the Strongest.  / Creekside Learning

Have a blast with mini light boxes and a Wooden Train Roller Coaster. / Play Trains

Your class will love to Build a Tower from Cups and Craft Sticks. / Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Give this Spaghetti Engineering Strength Test a try. / Schooling a Monkey

Try your hand at Building a LEGO Bridge. / Science Sparks

Why not Make Your Own Triangle Building Blocks? / Babble Dabble Do

Design a Spiderweb any time of year with these fun materials! / Rainy Day Mum

You will love to Design and Play with a DIY Geoboard in the classroom. / Crayon Box Chronicles

Use simple supplies and Build a Bridge from Craft Sticks. / Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

How fun would it be to Make a Maze for Hex Bugs? / Buggy and Buddy

These experiments will teach kids how to support weight, determine spatial awareness, select the right material for the job, create a design, and more.

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Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

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