11 Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids

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Who says physics is for “older kids?” No way! Young kids will be delighted to learn about physics on the most basic level. Introduce children to a lifelong love of science, math, and physics with these simple physics experiments for kids. Children will love these hands-on activities and will want to try these experiments over and over!

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Introduce children to a lifelong love of science, math, and physics with these simple and hands-on physics experiments for kids!

Physics Experiments for Kindergarten

Physics is the study of energy, mass, motion, and how they all fit together. Any physics activity will focus on how motion and energy work together and covers basic topics like gravity, inertia, acceleration, and how energy is made.

These physics experiments for kids are perfect for learning about how the world works in a fun and hands-on way. Introducing physics to Kindergartners in this way will help them view science as something exciting to learn about throughout their schooling years.

Learn about deceleration in the Egg Drop Experiment from Schooling a Monkey.

Learn all about mass in the Soda Sink or Float Experiment from STEAM-Powered Family.

Dive right into gravity with this simple Gravity Science Experiment from Inspiration Laboratories.

Discover the basics of propulsion in the Popsicle Stick Catapults from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Explore energy and power by making these Soda Bottle Rockets from Lemon Lime Adventures.

Dive into the basics of kinetic energy with this Kinetic Energy Test from Inspiration Laboratories.

Learn more about pressure and mass in the Diving Fish Experiment from Schooling a Monkey.

Discover mass and weight in the Sink or Float Vegetable Challenge from KC Adventures.

Make your own source of power with the classic Lemon Battery Experiment from Carrots are Orange.

Discover the power of static electricity when you make the Static Electricity Snake from Kids Activities Blog.

Combine the study of motion and art with this Pendulum Painting activity from Handmade Kids Art

These physics experiments are hands-on and simple to do.

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11 Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids

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