Alphabet Magnet Beginning Sounds Activity

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Tackling letters and sounds is a big job, so we always try to keep it as fun as possible with hands-on activities and manipulatives. One of my favorite manipulatives to use in literacy centers are alphabet magnets. There are just so many possibilities for them! This free Alphabet Magnet Beginning Sounds Activity is great for Pre-K, Kindergarten, or early 1st graders who are working on isolating beginning sounds in words!

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This free Alphabet Magnet Beginning Sounds Activity is great for Pre-K, Kindergarten, or early 1st graders who are working on letter sounds!

Alphabet Magnet Beginning Sounds Activity

This center is so simple to prep – just print out the beginning sound cards (download below) and laminate them. I like to print on cardstock for extra sturdiness.

Add some alphabet magnets (I love these magnets that are color coded for consonants and vowels) and you are ready to play!

One way to simplify this beginning sounds activity for your kids is to put only one magnet for each card out as a choice. For instance, only 26 magnets and 26 cards so that every card has a matching letter.

You can, of course, build up and have them really digging through more magnets for a challenge, but as we start out, this seems to work well.

Print, laminate, and cut the beginning sound activity cards and grab some alphabet magnets.

How to Play

To play, students pick a card and say the picture name. They don’t have to be able to read the rest of the word on the card, but it is there so that when they add the magnet, they can see, “Hey! This makes a word!”

After they know which beginning sound they are looking for, they find that letter in the magnet pile and put it in the square box on the card.

You could even have them play on a cookie sheet to really have the magnets stick!

Have your students play this beginning sounds activity on a cookie sheet for some additional magnetic fun.

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  3. Lovely ideas. I seemed to overlook where to buy the blue magnetic letters? Upper case and lower case. Need some badly. Thank you. Anne

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