Winter Songs and Videos for Kids

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‘Tis the season! Not just for Christmas carols, but fun, seasonal songs that can last the whole winter as well! I love to sing in my classroom. I especially love when the songs have an engaging video to sing along with. These winter songs and videos for kids are my favorite to use for a brain break, as transition music, or just for adding a little extra fun to our day!

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These winter songs and videos for kids are my favorite to use for a brain break, as transition music, or just for fun!

Winter Songs and Videos for Kids

Penguin Song by The Learning Station –  This is a perfect brain break song to get the kids up and moving! Moving one arm at a time, then one leg – it gets the whole body moving and gets those wiggles out.

Counting Snowflakes by Maple Leaf Learning – Even if you don’t live where it snows, you can pretend right? This fun song incorporates counting and reading numbers, which is excellent practice for the kids!

I’m a Little Snowman by Super Simple Songs – This song is great for a quick video and transition between activities. It is calm but engaging to watch with a catchy tune and fun graphics!

Little Snowflake by Super Simple Songs – This song was on major replay in my classroom ALL year last year! The kids were obsessed with it! It is slow and pretty soothing actually – they loved to just sit and sing along! We listened to it after recess to calm down and relax a bit.

Mittens Song for Kids by The Kiboomers – This one is to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” so it is pretty catchy! We sing along to all of the words. But you could also pass out color cards and have the kids pay attention to what color they have!

Let’s Build a Snowman by HeidiSongs – This one is very short but it was still fun and was a perfect lead-in to our snowmen painting! Plus, it teaches them how to draw a snowman, which may inspire them to give it a try!

I’m a Little Snowman by The Kiboomers – To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot,” this snowman song is catchy and fun! It also repeats itself in the chorus which makes it fun for kids to sing along. I also use it to review speech bubbles in our storytelling.

Five Little Snowmen by Kids TV – This song is upbeat and is along the lines of “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” It is very catchy for kids and works on subtraction.

Frosty the Snowman by Busy Beavers – We all love a classic! This version is a sing-along of an old favorite with engaging graphics too. Warning… it may get stuck in your head!

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