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Totally Awesome Lego Math Activities


LEGOs are magical building blocks with so many uses. I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t like playing and building with LEGOs. Some kids use the bricks to build elaborate structures, while others are more content to play with sequencing, patterns, and simple structures. All LEGO lovers will appreciate these fun LEGO math activities!

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These LEGO math activities are perfect for counting, grouping, patterns, adding, subtracting, and other vital math skills for early learners!

LEGO Math Activities for Kids

There are so many different ways that early learners can boost math skills by using LEGOs to solidify concepts. Young children are visual, concrete learners, and adding LEGOs into your math lessons will help children see how math works right before their eyes.

If you’re looking for creative, hands-on math activity ideas, these LEGO math activities are perfect for teaching the early concepts of counting, comparing, grouping, patterns, adding, subtracting, symmetry, and other vital math skills to early learners.

This LEGO subtraction game is tons of fun!

This LEGO scale activity is a lot of fun. // Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

LEGOs make the perfect graphing tools. // J Daniel 4’s Mom

Explore the concept of symmetry using Duplos. // Fun at Home with Kids

These LEGO addition cards are the perfect way to visualize addition. // Playdough to Plato

Teach patterns with Duplos using these printable cards. // Playdough to Plato

The race to 20 LEGO game is a fun way to learn to count to 20. // Playdough to Plato

Skip counting is easy when you use LEGOs! // Kids Activities Blog

Use LEGOs to help children visualize flash cards. // Kids Activities Blog

LEGOs make the perfect counting tool. // Totally Tots

Use this printable LEGO board game to teach addition or subtraction. // Playdough to Plato

Use LEGOs to learn how to count by 10s. // Joy in the Home

Looking for even more ways to use those LEGOs? Check out these awesome LEGO Literacy Activities for Kids!

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