Spring Writing Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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Spring has sprung which means it’s time for some new and engaging activity themes for your centers! These Spring Writing Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten are low-prep and will add tons of seasonal, hands-on learning fun to your writing centers. Your students will be so excited to start labeling, writing, and creating!

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These Spring Writing Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten are perfect for early writers to practice labeling, sentence writing, and more!

Spring Writing Activities and Centers

Once students learn the routines and directions for these writing activities, they can do them relatively independently. That means instructions can be given early in the year, and then all year long as the writing centers are changed out, there is no need to reteach the activities. At this point in the year, my kiddos pretty much have the routines down!

For these spring writing centers, students will be introduced to the following vocabulary words: snail, flowers, caterpillar, seeds, bee, frog, bird, and kite.

The included vocabulary cards come 4 to a page (8 words total) and are a great size to accompany all the activities. Be sure to laminate them ahead of time for durability and reuse!

Let’s check out some of the fun activities included!

Write It! Strips

Dry erase markers add an extra level of excitement and engagement to any activity so if you add these vocabulary strips to your writing centers your students will be thrilled!

Just print the strips, laminate them, and then add them to your centers with the vocabulary cards. Your students can write, erase, and write again for tons of spring-themed writing fun!

Print the vocabulary strips, laminate them, and then add them to your centers with dry erase markers.

Trace and Paste Printable

Work on writing, scissor skills, and gluing too with the Trace and Paste printable. Strengthen so many skills in one fun and easy-to-prep activity!

Kids trace the words and then cut and paste their matching pictures next to them (using the word cards to help them if needed).

Strengthen scissor skills with the Trace and Paste printable.

Spring “Write the Room”

An always popular writing center in this pack is the Spring “Write the Room”. Simply place or hide the vocabulary cards around the room and your kids can search for them and record the words.

You can also place the cards in a basket or a sensory bin for students to pick from and record – they love it either way. However you decide to use this activity, it’s sure to be a hit!

Students can find a vocabulary card around the room and write the word on the recording sheet.

Spring-Themed Story Book

There are so many possibilities with the spring-themed story book! Print the pages double-sided and use the cover page to create a journal. Or you can use single pages as writing prompts in your literacy centers.

You could even send it home as a fun themed writing activity for kids to work on writing with their families.

With the story book, the goal is for kids to write a few sentences or a short story about the pictures.

There are even more fun writing activities in this pack including a Mini “Write It!” book!

Plus, at the end of the file, all of the color items also come in black and white for an ink-saving option!

These spring writing activities are hands-on, fun, and engaging!

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Spring Writing Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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