Snowman Song for Circle Time

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Do you love using nursery rhymes during Circle Time? I know I do! But I realized there weren’t really any holiday nursery rhymes. So I thought, why not make my own? My students love this new Snowman Song for Circle Time, and I think yours will too!

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This adorable and FREE Snowman Song for Circle Time will bring some nursery rhyme fun to your class this winter!

Teaching with Songs for Circle Time

Song is such a great teaching tool. Kids naturally remember things through song. I bet you’ve seen it where a child can recite all of the words to the newest song but have trouble remembering the Pledge of Allegiance.

This makes teaching through song incredibly powerful. That’s why I love to throw in a good chant or silly song when I’m teaching a skill (any skill really), because students remember things better.

But I also really like having good visuals for my students as well. Especially if we are talking about words or ideas they are unfamiliar with, visuals are extremely beneficial.

So this Snowman Song and Sequencing is the perfect activity to incorporate song and visuals into one awesome lesson.

This Snowman Song for Circle Time comes with a matching set of sequencing cards.

Video Lesson

Sometimes it’s nice to have a guest teacher in your classroom, right? Well now you can! I loved this song and sequencing activity so much, I decided to add it to the Lesson Lab over in the Print and Play Club.

And it is so cute, I wanted to be sure you had it as well! You can simply push play, and I will teach the whole lesson for you! You can just sit back and enjoy with your students.

You can access the video lesson HERE (or use this link to share with others).

This is also a great option for sharing lessons with your students at home! Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of this post so you can grab the song poster and sequencing cards to use with your students.

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Grab Your FREE Resources

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  1. I would love the ‘m a little snowman book to color. Is there any way I could just get the book?
    Laurie 🙂

    1. Hi Laurie,

      At this time the snowman emergent reader is only available to our Print and Play club members. This freebie includes both the printable snowman song and sequencing cards. But we would love for you to hop on the waitlist so you’re the first to know when our doors to the club open again! If you’re interested you can sign up for the waitlist here,

      Thanks for being a part of our TKC community! 🙂

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